Women in Finance Christine Bobien: entrepreneurial accelerator

After a 40-year career in information technology, finance and international business, both private and public, Christine Bobien has just launched – with Annik Charbonneau – Accelia Capital, a venture capital fund aimed primarily at supporting women entrepreneurs in technology .

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Samuel LaRochel

Samuel LaRochel
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The 15-year-old entrepreneur has been thinking about how to help technology businesswomen who have historically had more barriers to venture finance. “Ennik and I have the means, the capacity and the network,” says Mme Beaubien. We want to help companies that have already developed a product and some sales, and that need investment to expand. »

strong reaction

Having raised $ 54 million to date and mobilized about 20 businesswomen to invest in the fund, the duo also persuaded the Quebec government, several investment funds and private companies to join them. “I am shocked by this reaction! And I am especially proud to lead a women’s project.

When I saw that 90% of venture funds were created by men, I thought there was room for a little variety.

Christine Bobien, co-founder and managing partner of Accelia Capital and winner of the 2022 Inspiration-Andrée-Corriveau Award from the Quebec Women’s Association for Finance

If Accelia wants to give better access to finance for techno-entrepreneurs, give them tools and open doors for them, Christine Bobien, first of all, wants to lift the weight off their shoulders. “I know that when you start a business, you have to do everything. I passed. I had great success. And I want to show them that you can combine personal life and growing a business. »

In fact, she experienced the flourishing of young shoots against computer science when she had young children. “It was stimulating, but very demanding. This adds a tick to women entrepreneurs to have a mental load. »

She makes it clear that she did not want to postpone anything. “I was very close with my children. I did not want to compromise. The nights were short, and it was hard to put it all together. »

Always moving

She went through this professional vortex in the early 2000s, working for Desjardins, BNP Paribas, Bombardier, the Department of International Affairs and Canada’s Export Development Division.

The common thread of my career has been innovation, creativity, movement, change and development in different environments.

Christine Bobien, co-founder and managing partner of Accelia Capital

She says she focused on all of these environments to expand her knowledge and experience. “I always want to get to know a new environment and start new projects in other contexts. I don’t want to be too narrow. »

Unlike some professionals who rose to the ranks of one organization, she preferred the dizziness of renewal. “I think you have the ability to take risks when you have good plans B, C, D, E and F.”

The position achieved through his continuing education in MBA, management and international cooperation. “Acquisition of knowledge is an asset that should be further developed. The more strings we have on the bow, the more we know that something is always waiting for us. I never felt insecure about it. »

Who is Andre Corivo?

The woman, who named the Inspiration-Andrée-Corriveau Prize, which is awarded annually by the Quebec Women’s Finance Association (AFFQ), was the director general of the Montreal International Financial Center from 2000 to 2005. Andre Corrivo founded AFFQ after attending the conference. Gala Women’s Financial Association in New York in 2002. She chaired the AFFQ Board of Directors from 2002 to 2012.