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Stocks in the stock market can be a valuable part of your investment portfolio. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, investing in the stock market is the best alternative to your portfolio for a better return. If you are one of those people who are afraid to invest their savings there, here are some reasons why it is interesting to invest in the stock market.

Building savings

The stock market has always been volatile. However, if the risk / return ratio is well managed with a online broker for example, an investor can take advantage of the stock market to secure his financial position and make money.

In addition, one of the amazing features of stocks is the ease with which they can be sold on the capital market at a fair price. This attribute is called liquidity. In addition, there is evidence that the market value tends to increase over time, even if individual stock prices rise and fall daily.

Thus, investors can accumulate their stocks by looking at their stock portfolio in the long run, as stock market fluctuations tend to be smoothed out over long periods of time. However, if you invest through listed companies, they will pay you dividends or special distributions.

Security of your wallet

The value of money is volatile: it can fall victim to inflation. Inflation means that your money, which has a purchasing power of $ 100, will allow you to spend only the equivalent of $ 92 in two years. If you let her sleep or just expect her to bring you a banknote, she will most likely lose her real value.

It became easy with finances recommends investing in an asset that generates real returns, such as stocks. Despite their instability, stocks have historically outperformed government bonds and any banknotes.

In addition, equity investments can provide investors with a better long-term tax regime. Thus, they can help slow down or prevent the negative effects of taxes and inflation.

Possibility of diversification

In fact, there is a wide range of stocks on the market, which means that there is more than one investment alternative for each type of investor. By investing in the stock market, investors can create an investment portfolio with different stocks to offset each other’s volatility.

Adequate diversification is achieved not only by choosing different shares of one risk class (one sector), but also several shares of different risk classes (country, sector and maturity).

Diversified investment portfolios are more efficient than investments in single stocks, ie they increase the expected return without necessarily increasing the risk. Owning shares in different companies can help you create your savings, protect your money and maximize your investment income.