Why invest in SCPI Logistics?

Why is logistics real estate the market of the future?

2020 marks the popularization of the general public logistics. Maintenance and timely delivery to stores really marked the mood and highlighted the crucial problems of this logistics sector. Whether it’s e-commerce, buying surgical masks, drugs or even delivering vaccine supplies, logistics is everywhere now.

the word ” supply chain “What we sometimes hear is a broad approach to the logistics market. It is a question of delivery of the necessary product to the necessary place and at the necessary time, and also planning and optimization of all stages, from production of the goods to its final delivery to the consumer and its possible return. A real discipline that generates new professions and huge investments.

If we consider, for example, the activities of e-commerce, France sends more than 1 billion parcels a year. A dizzying figure that requires an increase in transit warehouses.

Thus, logistics real estate is completely at the center of these problems, be it warehouses, message centers (parcel delivery centers), buildings and business parks or even tertiary parks. The ultimate idea is to be as close as possible to the end consumer through the so-called ” last mile “.

Recently, we have also seen the development of urban logistics with the emergence of small warehouses directly in the city center or even the transformation of underground parking lots into logistics points.

Gregory Moulinier, Director General of the Observatory Central SCPIspecializing in tertiary real estate, as evidenced by:

In recent years, we have seen a real increase in the attractiveness of the logistics real estate market. France’s potential is quite real, as professionals expect to catch up with rents compared to markets such as Germany or the UK. That’s why investors invest in logistics through SCPI, such as SCPI Logistique Activimmo ».

Potential that seems to be well defined. Indeed, the French logistics market is beginning to attract global experts in this field, such as the American group Prologis, which aims to increase its real estate portfolio in France by 50% by 2025.

Which “logistics SCPIs” are best for investment?

SCPI Logistique is a civil real estate investment company that allows you to invest in a well-diversified portfolio consisting of warehouses, city logistics or even parcel delivery centers located in strategic locations.

These logistics and e-commerce SCPIs are still few, but are positioned in a particularly lucrative niche. Their yield averaged 5.67% in 2021 compared to the SCPI average of 4.45% (ASPIM / IEIF source).

Thus, the benefits of logistics SCPI for individuals are to invest in logistics without any management and receive a quarterly rent less all lease payments. In addition, investments are combined into a large and well-diversified real estate portfolio, which allows better control of risks compared to buying real estate directly.

The two main SCPIs specializing in market logistics are the SCPI Activimmo of the management company Alderan (yield 6.02% in 2021) and the SCPI LF Opportunit Immo of La Française with a capitalization of 263 million euros (yield 5.21% in 2021).

SCPI Activimmo has established itself as a heavyweight SCPI Logistics with a market capitalization of more than € 500 million. With more than 20 years of experience with its management company Alderan, SCPI Activimmo builds its assets on a last-mile strategy. Activimmo is also part of the perspective of sustainable logistics, receiving the label of socially responsible investment.

Clients of La Centrale des SCPI have recognized SCPI Activimmo “a favorite among specialized SCPIs for the first quarter of 2022”. This thematic strategy on e-commerce and logistics is ideal for completing the strategy of a diversified European SCPI, such as » explains Laurent Fáges, senior consultant at La Centrale des SCPI.

How to invest in SCPI Logistics on the best terms?

It is very easy to invest in logistics SCPI with the help of specialized online SCPI platforms, such as the market leader’s website La Centrale des SCPI (www.centraledesscpi.com).

La Centrale des SCPI gives clients a complete interactive and educational journey with a specialist consultant who will answer all their questions. Therefore, you can subscribe online to SCPI Logistique thanks to a dedicated and secure space.

Currently, the logistics sector accounts for 10% of France’s GDP. Recently, the government has set itself the goal of making France one of the 10 best logistics sectors in the world. France now ranks 16th, giving it great potential for improvement, which should benefit the logistics real estate market and, consequently, the logistics SCPI.

With an expected return of over 5% in 2022 and an unsecured future potential to increase asset value, SCPI Logistique has all the qualities to attract investors. Not a day goes by that we do not receive hundreds of requests for information about SCPI Logistique at or on our website. We expect it to be a staple in SCPI portfolios over the next 10 years. concludes Gregory Moulinet with Central SCPI.

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Investments in SCPI are not guaranteed either in terms of dividends received or in terms of capital retention. SCPIs depend on fluctuations in real estate markets.

Before deciding to buy SCPI shares, consult with a professional to make sure that this investment matches your asset profile.

Finally, like any real estate investment, keep in mind that SCPIs are long-term investments with a minimum retention period of at least eight years.