Why Invest in SCPI Credit Before Rates Rise?

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Interest rates are still historically low in mid-2022. However, they are rising faster and faster. It’s not too late to take advantage of this and buy SCPI shares. With yields as high as 6% for top SCPI and delegated rental management, it’s no wonder more and more savers are taking the plunge. Let’s find out from La Centrale des SCPI what are the advantages of buying SCPI on credit and how to get the best financing conditions.

Why prefer buying SCPI over rising rates?

To take advantage of the still very low rates, it is advisable to invest in a rental property with a loan. This can be done in several forms: buying a rental apartment, carrying out a tax-exempt transaction or buying SCPI shares. Real Estate Investment Still Stands Out: SCPI Performance.

The enthusiasm for SCPI can be explained by several reasons:

All management is fully delegated management companies under the control of the financial market authority. Tenant selection, management, any job, as an SCPI equity partner, you have nothing to worry about!

No long weeks or long months of searching before finding an apartment that suits you. A find when you still want to take advantage of low rates. There are also no visits to a notary, everything is done 100% online on platforms like www.centraledesscpi.com.

SCPIs are not subject to rent restrictions. While the yields of France’s main cities are decreasing every year, the yields of the best SCPIs can be as high as 6% net. In comparison, buying a rental apartment in Paris brings investors less than 3% gross.

Diversification is much more important when buying SCPI stock. SCPI’s portfolio can cover hundreds of properties and tenants, so the risk is much greater than when buying an apartment with one tenant. For example, Theo Darroman, a company manager The Central SCPI ( – www.centraledesscpi.com)offers us an example of a composite portfolio for a SCPI credit at the rate of 1.75% for 20 years.



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SCPI Health in France and Europe

Why buy SCPI shares on credit?

In addition to creating or diversifying your legacy, buying SCPI shares on credit allows you to benefit from significant leverage. Indeed, the purchase is partially financed by rent paid by SCPI.

“The longer the term of the SCPI loan, the lower the monthly payments covered by the SCPI rent. This is when leverage is maximized. At La Centrale des SCPI, we aim to offer our clients SCPI financing for up to 25 years. It is thanks to these long-term loan offers that our SCPI loan line keeps ringing. » says Lionel Benamu, co-founder of La Centrale des SCPI, the first online SCPI aggregator.

In addition, buy SCPI shares on credit allows you to limit the tax impact of your investments, as 100% interest on loans, insurance and other administrative costs are 100% deducted from the income received.

An SCPI loan is a major asset for preparing for retirement and increasing your purchasing power. Implementation of the SCPI loan also makes it possible to anticipate unforeseen events and their subsequent actions. Credit insurance provides compensation instead of investors or heirs and in the event of a health problem.

Invest in SCPI with credit allows you to create a real estate portfolio, taking advantage of the efficiency and reliability of SCPI investments. Digitizing the processes of La Centrale des SCPI and strengthening its financial unit opens up access to the real SCPI online encyclopedia and rapid tests of the right to finance. It only takes a few clicks to get an SCPI loan at www.centraledesscpi.com.


Investing in SCPI is not guaranteed both in terms of dividends received and capital preservation. SCPIs are subject to fluctuations in real estate markets.

Before making any decision to purchase SCPI shares, please seek professional advice to ensure that this investment fits your asset profile.

Finally, as with any real estate investment, consider the fact that SCPI is a long-term investment with a minimum holding period of no less than eight years.

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