Why invest in NFT? – YubiGeek

In recent years NFT this is a concept that has caused a lot of ink. A lot of people are interested in this, and it’s not for nothing. Some made millions by selling one fixed token. If this area still does not convince you, here are the reasons that will make you change your mind. Let’s find out together why invest NFT.

What is NFT?

Simply put, c NFT (constant marker) is a digital asset that guarantees sole ownership. When a person buys an asset at a certain price, its market value fluctuates because it is an indispensable token.

in NFT it is a blockchain-based cryptographic digital asset. It has unique data that helps to distinguish them from each other.

Note that the trading volume NFT exceeded the milestone of 13 billion dollars in 2021. To learn more about NFT, check out NewsNFT. The site continues to publish articles and detailed guides to open our eyes to this universe and help us understand it. We also recommend mondialdesjeux.com/play-to-earn.

Oil growth potential

In recent months, the growth potential of the village NFT unequivocally appreciated. Thousands of people around the world are investing in it. Moreover, some tokens were sold for millions of euros.

Recall that the Brazilian striker of PSG Neymar spent $ 1.1 million to afford two NFT from the collection of Bored Ape Yacht Club. The Charlie Bit My Finger viral video was sold as an NFT asset for $ 693,000. The first 5,000 days of the artist Dipl were sold for 69.3 million dollars.

Note that there are dozens of platforms where you can buy or trade NFT, for example Open sea, Crypto, rare, Super rare, Coinbase, Known origin, AutomicMarketetc.

NFT, a rare asset

As we explained above, NFT can have only one owner. Because of this it is called “rare”.

Rarity a NFT that potential buyers are willing to shell out a significant amount of money to buy it before someone else becomes the sole owner.

When someone has a single copy of a product, it causes excitement that makes others want to buy it. It is for this reason that Neymar paid a large sum of money to buy a NFT.

Investing in NFT is a golden opportunity

Of course, investing in NFT This is a risk, like any investment, but it is a great opportunity to make a significant profit.

WARNING! Buy one NFT or its creation does not mean that it will automatically sell for thousands or even millions of dollars.

To invest in NFT, it is important to create a digital wallet where you can store tokens and cryptocurrency. Then you have to find a NFT on Open sea, rare… Or on another specialized platform. To receive it, the user must buy the currency associated with the token and make a transaction.

Once the token is purchased, the person must wait for the value to increase. To tell the truth, its value depends on its value and appearance of the person who is ready to lay out money to get it.

To get a chance on your side, it is best to invest in:

  • NFT art
  • NFT games
  • NFT sports

But before you make your first investment, we strongly recommend that you go through detailed training to understand what a NFTsteps to create, where to buy, how to sell, etc.…