Why invest in Corsica?

Real estate attracts more and more investors. To get a significant income in this area, you need to choose the territory well. Corsica is one of the best places to do good business. So why invest in Corsica? Here are some answers.

An ideal place for tourists

Invest in real estate in Corsica provides many benefits. First of all, keep in mind that property prices in this region are lower than on the Cote d’Azur or the Atlantic coast. Then use the Sperone real estate agency to select a property. Indeed, Corsica is a very popular tourist destination. Although it is not the most populous city in France, it hosts many travelers as well as investors.

This is why the rental market is booming. In fact, this city has a pleasant location that guarantees an excellent quality of life. Many people come to visit this island and contemplate the scenery. Therefore, it is an ideal place for vacationers who can find a property at an attractive price.

In addition, companies come to set up in this region. This favors the arrival of several local and foreign investors who are eager rent or buy luxury items for your stay. Therefore, you can use this opportunity to invest in high-end real estate to attract customers with high purchasing power.

Pinel’s law in Corsica

An asset you can use when investing in property in Corsica is Pinel’s law. It is a device that allows investors to take advantage of a beneficial tax exemption. It applies when you buy a new property and rent it out for a minimum of 6 months. With this device, you can benefit from a tax reduction of up to 21% on your investment amount. In addition, you save a lot thanks to notary fees, which are reduced to 3% instead of 8%.

Tax credit in Corsica

When you invest in property in Corsica, you also benefit from a tax credit. If you qualify, this help can enable you to secure good savings. Indeed, the tax credit in Corsica was created to make it easier for individuals who want to buy land or new real estate. Several individuals and developers have decided to invest in this region, as this device allows tax exemptions of up to 30%.

In addition, you get additional income when you decide to invest in rental properties. The same applies to people who want to invest in the field of additional housing. No housing tax will apply to their property if it is a rental investment. However, the latter will be subject to business property tax (CFE).

Other reasons to invest in Corsica

By investing in real estate in Corsica, you can be sure that you will receive interesting capital gains later on. This is possible only when reselling your property. Depending on where your accommodation is located, this extra cost will be very beneficial for you. All you have to do is do some renovations to improve your property. For this purpose, you will also receive help for the implementation of your project.

It should also be noted that there are many universities in Corsica. In addition, offers small student works. These two facts make it a popular destination for students from all walks of life who come to pursue higher education. Take advantage of the opportunity to invest in student housing. Feel free to offer short-term rentals. Thus, you can rent housing to a tourist when a student is vacationing in another country or another city. Great opportunity to earn more money.