which provides for a draft investment law –

The draft law on investments adopted in May last year at an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers is to be submitted to the National Assembly (APN) soon.

This new text envisages a reconfiguration of the National Investment Development Agency (ANDI), now called the Algerian Investment Promotion Agency, giving it the role of a “true promoter and guide for investors”. This was reported by APS.

To this end, the bill stipulates that the National Investment Development Agency, established by Article 6 of Decree 01-03 of 20 August 2001, is now called the “Algerian Investment Promotion Agency”.

The Agency, in coordination with the relevant administrations and bodies, is responsible for “facilitating and enhancing, both in Algeria and abroad, Algeria’s investment and attractiveness in connection with diplomatic missions and consulates”, the same text suggests.

The agency, whose role was previously limited to simply registering and monitoring investments and providing fiscal and parafiscal benefits, also has a mission of informing and raising awareness in the business community, managing the Digital Investor Platform. , register and process investment files and support the investor in completing the formalities associated with his investment, specified in the same document.

He is also responsible for managing benefits, including those related to the portfolio of projects declared or registered before the date of publication of this law, as well as monitoring the progress of investment projects.

The only window for large projects and foreign investment

In addition, the bill provides for the creation of a single window system for large projects and foreign investment and a decentralized single window within the Agency.

According to the same text, the “single window” for large projects and foreign investments with national competence is the only point of contact that is responsible for supporting the investor in carrying out all the steps necessary for the implementation of large investment projects. and foreign investment “, specifying that the qualification criteria for major investment projects” are established by regulations. “

For their part, decentralized “single window” centers are “the only interlocutors of investors at the local level,” he added, adding that “they provide missions to assist and support investors in completing investment formalities.”

We would like to add that the “single window” for large projects and foreign investments and the decentralized “single window” unite representatives of organizations and administrations directly responsible for the implementation of procedures related to the implementation of investment projects, issuing decisions. , permits and any actions related to the implementation of the investment project, the acquisition of land intended for investment, and, finally, the fulfillment of obligations undertaken by the investor.

Refocusing the role of the National Investment Council

The investment bill also provides for the creation of a “digital investor platform” managed by the Algerian Investment Promotion Agency, which provides all necessary information, including investment opportunities in Algeria, land supply, investment incentives and benefits, and related procedures.

This digital platform, interconnected with the information systems of organizations and administrations responsible for the investment act, “allows dematerialization of all procedures and online completion of all formalities related to investment,” according to the same source.

In addition, the new text envisages a reorientation of the role of the National Investment Council (CNI) to a single mission – to propose a state strategy for investment, ensure its overall coherence and evaluate its implementation.