What you need to know about bitcoin (BTC) before you seriously think about investing in cryptocurrency

After several attempts by entrepreneurs since the 1990s, bitcoin became the first viable cryptocurrency created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, whose identity remains a mystery. With a capitalization that has temporarily exceeded $ 1,000 billion, bitcoin remains the leader in cryptocurrencies with a dominance of almost 40%. Its fluctuations stimulate prices for all cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin price (BTC): what is the current price?

Here is the real price of bitcoin.

Basic information about bitcoin

Creating a crypto BTC

Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto as an alternative to traditional bank-focused payment systems. This may interest you: Crypto The Sandbox (SAND): Is It Worth Buying A SAND? Opinion, analysis and forecast 2022. Cryptocurrency is a precursor to a new type of secure exchange of P2P values. This is also the first application of blockchain technology.

The Bitcoin project is open source and is currently supported by volunteer developers and supported by several societyblockchain. The updates offered by the developers of Bitcoin Core are checked to make sure that they adhere to the ethics of bitcoin and do not contain errors. Vladimir Van der Laan now leads the network maintenance team. Peter Vuile, Marco Falke, Michael Ford, Jonas Schnelly and Samuel Dobson are among the developers of bitcoins.

How does bitcoin work?

Each bitcoin is essentially computer data stored in a digital wallet. This may interest you: Crypto Fantom (FTM): Is It Worth Buying FTM? Opinion, analysis and forecast 2022. Bitcoins can be sent to your wallet, and you can pass them on to other people.

Each transaction is registered in its blockchain, which is a public book. This allows people to track the history of bitcoin transactions. There are three ways to get bitcoins:

  • Bitcoins can be bought for fiat currency: euro, dollar, yen, etc. Your counterparty sends your bitcoins to your wallet.

  • You can accept them as a method of payment for services rendered.

  • You can invest in special pools for bitcoin mining and earn bitcoin rewards.

Crypto BTC: our opinion and forecast for 2022

Bitcoin Project Reviews

The Bitcoin project is innovative and has paved the way for other blockchain-related innovations. This may interest you: Crypto Avalanche (AVAX): is it time to invest in AVAX? Opinion, analysis and forecast 2022. Although its blockchain is not equipped with advanced decentralized financing, bitcoin remains the most reliable cryptocurrency in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Price volatility notification

Bitcoin is very liquid and allows for short-term trading. Compared to altcoins, it is relatively stable.

Medium term price forecast BTC

Bitcoin falls to the former strongholds that have become support. These are good points to buy crypto.

Long-term BTC price forecast

Many analysts estimate that the price ranges from $ 100,000 to $ 1 million per bitcoin. The lower range of this range of $ 100,000 remains very relevant in the long run.

Conclusion – is it worth investing in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin?

Bitcoin will remain the leading cryptocurrency for a long time and will remain a benchmark for the cryptocurrency market. This is a good value for diversification.

Useful resources for investing in Bitcoin (BTC)

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