What are the easiest ways to invest money?

A legacy constitution is becoming a necessity for many people. However, the big question that everyone is asking: where to invest? In fact, miracle investments do not happen. It’s more about finding investments that fit your profile and meet your needs. Thus, you can expect a certain return.

Dozens of investments are made every year, some more profitable than others. However, caution is advised. Therefore, this guide provides a list of simple and profitable investments that may interest you.

Invest in the stock market

Investing in the stock market is considered one of the most profitable. There are two ways to invest in the stock market: buying stocks and investing in bonds. With good support, this can be a simple investment. From 2017, the Mon Petit Placement app allows you to simply invest in dynamic portfolios with a potential return of 3 to 12%. French financial technology offers individual support during your investments so that you no longer allow your savings to sleep in a savings account. A simple and soothing solution that will increase your savings from 300 euros.

Investing in the stock market through equity investments

Buying a company’s stock is a bit like owning a company. The return on this type of investment can be done in two ways. You can receive dividends paid by the company to all shareholders, or resell shares at a price higher than the purchase price (we are talking about capital gains).

It should be noted that the effectiveness of investment in stocks ranges from 6 to 10% of earnings per year.

Investing in the stock market through investing in bonds

Bonds are considered debt securities. Unlike buying stocks, here instead of buying a share of the business, you give it a loan. Instead, the company undertakes to recoup the invested capital with interest.

As with investing in the stock market by buying stocks, here you also have two options for return. Either you receive interest paid by the company, or you resell your bonds to a third party to get a capital gain. This type of investment has an efficiency of 2 to 5% per year.


Civil real estate investment companies (SCPI) are a type of investment that has recently become quite popular. Investing in SCPI gives you access to the tertiary real estate market in France. This sector includes offices, warehouses and shops. SCPIs are collective investment undertakings that enable the acquisition and management of real estate on behalf of individual or institutional investors. This is primarily a long-term investment, the income of which may vary depending on the economic situation and the real estate situation.

This is a practical investment if you have the money to invest. This investment decision brings in a regular income without exposing you to any dangers or restrictions. As an investor, you buy SCPI shares. The money raised is then used to finance real estate that you rent to professionals. A special advantage of this type of investment is that all lease management is taken over by the company. In terms of profitability, you fluctuate around 4%.

Rental furnished

Investing in real estate is in many ways the best investment. The furniture rental sector, for example, offers many benefits if you know how to choose an area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperation. There are three types of furniture rental:

  • Apartments for rent
  • Airbnbs
  • service residences

You have to choose, taking into account your capital and your preferences.

Furnished apartment

Furnished apartment is a classic rental option. Before renting a year-round lease, you need to buy an apartment nearby and furnish it. It’s a fairly simple investment, but it requires personal management. Similarly, you are exposed to all the classic dangers of real estate investing. These include claims, work, charges, possible reduction in the attractiveness of the neighborhood where the housing is located, the risks of non-rent, and so on.

If you are a DIY fan, this is the investment for you. So you lose less money on possible repairs. It is also recommended to have enough time for full management of housing.


AirBnB is a profitable type of investment when they are located in an area with high tourist affluence. However, there may be a large influx of AirBnB apartments, creating fierce competition. Owners are mostly forced to provide their property with repairs and state-of-the-art equipment in order to hope to rent them out. This is not necessarily a profitable investment. In particular, because you can go through a period of shortage of tourists due to several elements, such as the health crisis of 2020.

Residences under management

There are several types of managed residences: student, medical, business residences, non-medical and tourist residences. To get a safe return, it is better to invest in student residences and EHPAD.

At least these are sectors that will not be affected in any way by economic change or crises. You can be sure that your residences will be occupied throughout the year. On the other hand, business, tourist or senior residences are only partially occupied during the year. This significantly reduces their profitability.

Invest in crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a method of crowdfunding that is growing more and more on the Internet. This is a profitable and even very profitable investment if you choose a company or project that is well funded. There are different types of crowdfunding: donations, loans, investments. In the context of profitable investments, the latter is more interesting, which is also called “crowddequity”. This takes the form of capital, bonds or even royalties. The rate of return varies from one platform to another. But, as a rule, it ranges from 4 to 10% per year.

In some cases, crowdfunding has significant tax benefits. There are many projects that need crowdfunding. For greater security, it is recommended to invest only in projects classified under the label of the National Institute of Industrial Property. It is a platform that brings together projects that comply with French legislation in this area.