What are the best platforms for buying cryptocurrency?

Want to know the best platforms for buying cryptocurrency with low fees and high security? This is what we offer to learn in this article.

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have become hugely popular because Blockchain technology is revolutionary. Cryptocurrency prices have risen significantly, and there have been strong periods of decline. Volatility in the value of cryptocurrencies is very important. But if you look globally, more and more people are joining this ever-growing market every day.

Often, new investors do not really know where to start and where to invest. It is for this reason that we did a Top 3 best crypto platforms.

1. Oil Profit Platform

We place the Oil Profit platform at the top of our rankings, as we believe that it is one of the most interesting platforms. This platform allows you to contact a certified broker in your country. This is very practical if you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies: you have the opportunity to contact a financial specialist directly. This person can help you better develop your trading strategy according to your goals, your project, your profile or your budget. When you start, it is sometimes difficult to figure out where to start, and this is where Oil Profit can be a great help, because You receive personalized support on the Oil Profit platform. Oil Profit is a reliable platform recommended by most reviews, such as the one from Cryptoanalyst Eclac. Oil Profit successfully copes with the task of being an easily accessible platform for beginners, but also very suitable for experienced investors. When you contact a broker, if you are an experienced trader and know what you want, a professional can help you access the tools you need to trade, for example, if you want to use forward contracts. conditions, use alerts, activate stop losses, etc.

To use Oil Profit requires a minimum investment of at least 250 euros. Registration is simple and allows you to quickly start trading in the trading environment of the broker to which you will be connected. To register, as on most platforms, you must enter some personal information: last name, first name, email address, phone number. As a rule, you will establish direct telephone contact with the broker, which will facilitate understanding and communication.

2. Binance platform

Binance is the most used platform in the world. It has more than 90 million registered users and a daily trade volume of more than $ 76 billion. There are many features such as the ability to earn interest on cryptocurrencies or trade with NFT. You can buy a lot of cryptocurrencies on Binance, as there are more than 600 of them available. Binance commissions are very low, especially if you use large enough amounts. You can consult manual on trade fees platform, you will see that you can get some benefits if you own a cryptocurrency platform, BNB. You also have the option to use this cryptocurrency to pay your trading fees and thus get a 25% reduction in your transaction costs. Binance also offers the ability to create Peer cryptocurrency trading (P2P). and therefore trade directly with other Internet users without paying commissions.

Binance is platform with a high level of security. You can set a long password (it is strongly recommended that you set a password of at least 16 characters, including special characters, numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters), and you can usetwo-factor authentication (2FA) which is very important to protect your cryptocurrencies from hackers.

3. Coinbase Pro platform

You’ve probably heard of Coinbase, one of the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency platforms. Coinbase is a convenient and easy-to-use platform for beginners, but it does not offer many features compared to other platforms. This allows you to buy only a very limited number of digital assets and charges quite high commissions. However, you may not know it, but Coinbase also offers a more advanced platform that is much lesser known: Coinbase Pro.

When using Coinbase Pro commissions are much lower. Much more functionality is also available. Coinbase Pro is a tool that is much more suitable for trading or day traders, while Coinbase is more designed for Holding.

To register with Coinbase Pro, you must first register with Coinbase.