Wake up, go broke: Should you invest in the streaming giants?

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Published on July 21, 2022


While in the mainstream media woke up like wind in the sails, the markets are different. Recently, Disney and Netflix have suffered significant financial losses due to their orientation. There is a new slogan on Wall Street: wake up (becoming awake destroys you).

Investors should ask themselves: to wake up or not to wake up?

The arrival of the thought police

In the beginning, there was political correctness, an attitude that consists in excessive control over one’s language in order not to offend the sensitivities of certain minorities regarding their ethnicity, culture, skin color, social category, religion, gender. or their gender…

It was the reign of social control of speech, smooth verbs and euphemisms. It’s a way of beating around the bush, not naming things, and replacing plausible observations with affected statements. And it’s too bad if it deviated from reality…

Believing itself to be fundamentally fair and legitimate, this language police, like certain authoritarian regimes, will eliminate any controversy about it. In turn, there will even be a smell of harassment, like class sufficiency, contempt for the clumsiness of the formula.

Awakened army

Then the theory spread Woke up ! From one censorship to another there was only one step… The past tense of the English verb conjugation wake up (wake up), word woke up turned into a real ideological aphorism in everyday language. The theory implies an awareness of the injustices experienced by minorities and discriminated populations. She calls on citizens to mobilize to fight this arbitrariness.

“don’t sleep” and “be loyal to the generation” already preached the charismatic Reverend Martin Luther King to young Americans in 1965. The brutal, even murderous police response to black citizens in recent years has given new impetus to this team. The momentum that carries the movement Black Lives Matter “.

These anti-racist activists are fiercely critical of the structural inequality that governs our societies. They point out that our provisions are unfair and destructive to certain minorities. They urge everyone to stay “woke up”, especially against the oppression suffered by the black population of the United States. The only way to make the world safer and better for everyone.

Unlike political correctness, Dr woke up cares neither for the delicacy of his formulas nor for the correctness of his actions. Its activists dismantle statues of colonizer sympathizers or former pro-slavery figures, cancel university conferences they find inappropriate, and push for the resignation of certain officials whose unfortunate comment or ambiguous attitude does not align with their values… The hunt for cancel the culture (cancellation culture) open. The new witch hunt aims to ostracize from the public sphere any individual whose words or actions are deemed offensive to minorities.

Bad good ideas!

Always on the lookout for new marketing ideas, some firms embrace these developments as a fresh way to maneuver or reinvent themselves in the commercial sphere. It doesn’t matter whether the idea and its implications make sense or not. It doesn’t matter if the company’s strategists believe it or not. The main thing is to attract attention and make a number. One can marvel at the integrity of certain houses, the view they have of their own vocation and long-term vision.

The latest fans of this policy: the Disney and Netflix groups that did vocism and its so-called progressive themes, a new way of doing business. While stock market indexes are falling almost everywhere in the world due to exogenous reasons (inflation, announced liquidity absorption, war in Ukraine, etc.), these two stocks showed a noticeable drop: -40 to -70% since January 1, 2022. Subscriptions are falling rapidly, and turnovers accordingly. Why? A large part of the American population expresses its irritation. She is fed up with paid companies seeking to re-educate their children and radical LGBTQ+ theories. Other media already offer programs where this so-called benign content will be excluded.

Disney, in particular, is not done with problems. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis just revoked the company’s 55-year-old tax break. The broad local management autonomy and exemption from most state regulations granted to the entertainment giant is about to be revoked.

Eraser for overwriting

The luxury of democracy is to give everyone freedom of speech. By its nature, this provision also opens the door to intolerant people, to those who act in bad faith, and to all those who, for one reason or another, reject this “human civility” and seek to destroy it. We can watch the work of some of these agitators who promote vocism and its principles. Their goal is to denigrate opposing views and rewrite history (SIC).

Our civilizations have managed to achieve a semblance of balance and maturity after long centuries of obscurantism and excess. By not erasing our misdeeds and excesses from the history books, we will make the world a safer and better place. Vice versa. Ignorance and lies have never taught good decisions.

Taking events out of context does not allow us to understand their causes and consequences. The mistakes already made by previous generations will beg to be repeated. Now the shame of the past is not the opposite of progress; they are part of progress. They allowed him to appear. Humanity was created on these two legs. Taking away her madness won’t bring her any closer to justice, but it will take away her humanity!

Finally, never in history have minorities been able to impose their yoke on the majority in a lasting way. Certain demands put forward by minorities deserve the attention of almost the largest number. However, social success cannot be won in fury and noise. It’s a matter of pedagogy, patience and long-term support.

Montesquieu wrote:

“When we want to change customs and manners, we should not change them with laws. »

Let me add: “not by unscrewing the bolts. »