Unemployment falls even more and reaches 4.6%

During the year, the number of job seekers decreased by 19.6%. In May last year, Adem counted 13,946 job seekers in May 2022, and Statec estimated the unemployment rate at 4.6%, a slight decrease compared to last April.

If we talk about unemployment, the number of job seekers is decreasing for all categories of job seekers, except for those who are looking for work, whose registration period is less than four months, which increased by 6%.

If the trend is good, Adem is still worried about two constant phenomena, namely long-term unemployment and the number of vacancies.

It seems increasingly difficult to compare the skills of job seekers with the profiles that employers are looking for. So much so that the number of vacancies declared by companies as available, namely 13,253 in May, is now almost equal to the number of job seekers. This is 49.5% more than a year.

The number of unemployed registered for more than 12 months is almost 48% (6692 people) of all job seekers in May. Even if this category, like all others, shows a decline, this phenomenon is still a cause for concern, emphasizing the need for special support.

“There are a lot of job seekers who will find a job on their own without Adem mobilizing a lot of resources to help them. But for those who cannot find, for those who remain unemployed for more than 12 months, we organize individual and intensive support. We are aware of the problem and are implementing a number of employment measures that allow us to work differently and re-learn certain skills, perhaps at a different pace and under special supervision, ”said Isabel Schlesser, Director of ADEM.

ADEM is undergoing an internal restructuring

On the occasion of the release of unemployment in May, Adem took the opportunity to present its annual report for 2021. While the Employment Agency’s management has identified numerous projects and initiatives to help jobseekers return to work through training, it also wants to get closer to companies or at least reorganize its services to be even more effective.

Thus, Adem has a new deputy director, represented by Pierre Biren, who will head the new finance department. This department will oversee several services, such as the Individual Financial Assistance Service, headed by Gilles Teusch, and the Employer Financial Assistance Service, under the responsibility of Bernard Kieffer. With this reorganization, the former services “employment support”, “financial assistance for the disabled and professional transfer” and “financial management of activities” are disappearing.

“The idea is to centralize more services to make our services more efficient, especially for people for whom unemployment is often the main source of income. The same for business. Now they will have a single point of contact with the business service. We are in the process of completing this internal reorganization, “Pierre Beeren said.

“At the same time, we are also preparing an IT migration to introduce a new system with more modern and harmonized processes in Adem. The idea is also to create a great IT service for all of Adem, always to improve its performance, ”said Christine von Reichenbach, Adem’s Deputy Director.