TRIBUNE – 100 days to reconcile the economy, environment and social progress

Mr. President,

The presidents of the Impact France Movement, which unite companies with environmental and social impact, put the solution of the main problems of our society at the center of their activities, as well as companies with a mission, SSE, Made in Francefair trade, circular economy or bio, we carry the voice of more than 10,000 leaders across France.

These companies want the success of the environmental and social transformation you called for in your speech in Marseilles and are building an economy that is part of a world with limited resources, so it is better to use and distribute them better and to live well and respect the living.

You have proposed a new method so that significant changes in the country can be made by “all of us”: your first 100 days may be an opportunity to mobilize the economic world to finally make the transition to a new model of shared prosperity over the next five years. Faced with the urgency of these transformations, and in order to meet the ambitions set for the new five-year term on these issues, it is important to build a common dynamic between business, citizens / consumers and public authorities. To succeed in engaging the entire economic world, from the VSE to large groups, we seem to need to make three major changes in the first 100 days:

  • Big plan to support environmental and social innovations

A big plan to support environmental and social innovation, in particular by redirecting support for innovation to address key 21st century challenges. Influential companies created today are not supported and are not recognized or recognized: they are, nevertheless, an opportunity and a hope for our country, developing destructive environmental and social innovations to achieve the main goals of sustainable development that could inspire tomorrow’s business and public policy. .

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Let’s set ourselves the goal of creating unicorns with a positive impact in five years, offering these companies the opportunity to grow – through privileged access to markets and public investment, through favorable statuses, through privileged access to innovation tax, through promotion in France and for border. – as support that ordinary startups can get today. All companies should also be encouraged to invest heavily in R&D with environmental and social impact, allowing them to develop their own development model, directing 50% of innovation aid to environmental and social issues and refocusing future investments. State Investment Bank (PIA) programs and investments around these issues.

  • New environmental and social competitiveness

New environmental and social competitiveness: companies that experience significant distortions of competition to be more honest in terms of social, environmental and value sharing. In order for companies to play a key role in key issues of purchasing power and environmental sobriety, it is important to offer them clear and common goals, as well as funding and support mechanisms to address these issues.

In this way, we could encourage as many companies as possible to invest their profits each year in both dividends and participation for their employees, setting fair targets for “dividends to employees” (1 euro paid to shareholders = 1 euro paid to employees) that you call for their desires.

Rewards should also be more transparent and clearly linked to environmental and social transition issues, such as those of the Paris Agreements. We must also encourage environmental sobriety by providing aid, public investment and public contracts to companies that are clearly committed to this strategy. Finally, it would be fair to make better quality products available to all French people by lowering VAT on socially and environmentally responsible products – food and non-food products from the organic, fair trade or reused sectors – by checking whether prices are negatively affected.

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  • New management for the transition

New management of the environmental and social transition period: following the example of the Prime Minister’s new responsibility for environmental planning, we think it is important to clearly translate this orientation in the main ministries of economy. Thus, we propose to appoint the Minister of Economy responsible for the environmental and social transition of companies, entrusting this mission to the Minister-Delegate, who could play the role of promoting loyal companies, but also fulfill the commitment of all French companies to environmental and social goals. in front of a country. It also seems important to us to appoint an Minister of Employment responsible for the environmental and social transition of professions, also entrusting this mission to a Minister-Delegate who could support the emergence of new greens or “care”.

Jean Moreau (Phoenix) and Eva Sadoun (, co-presidents of Impact France