Toulouse: Lana Amma, a former finance specialist, became a therapist and author by accident

Lana Amma, a former financial officer, has made a 360-degree turn in her life after a terrible life accident. Due to the adoption, this Toulouse, now a therapist, published the book “Missing a piece of the puzzle”.

How did you want to become a therapist?

I had a terrible accident in my life, and it literally made me dive. I had two children, but I wanted to stop there several times, to end it. Once I started my business, I could no longer manage it. I decided to take out my oars and roll up my sleeves to get my head out of the water. I started traveling, in four or five years on several trips, I traveled the world twice. I had to go to the United States, to Asia, to South America. And during a trip to the United States, I discovered soul therapy, that’s how it all started. I had a kind of revelation.

Can you explain what that is?

This is a little-known therapy in France. This allows you to look deep inside yourself to find the cause of blockages or chronic concerns that actually have often distant explanations. In fact, it’s a bit like switching from automatic to manual mode. Reflexively stop the operation and take control. At first, I took courses without thinking about doing it my job. It helped me. I managed to find answers. I took this course for four years between the United States and France. So I became a therapist. And yet I never told myself that I would do it my job.

What prompted you to make a book out of it?

In 2017, a session during my studies completely changed my life. When I returned, three weeks later, during my imprisonment, I was writing a mile, and there was the first draft of the book. Then it took me a year to get it back in shape before it was published in January 2022.

What is this first book about?

From my life story, I call it that because I don’t want to break the tension for those who want to read my book. This is a novel, but inspired by real events and my experience. I would say that it is a bit like a guide to improvement, but it is, above all, a message of hope. I wanted to convey the idea that when you feel that everything is lost, that nothing is going well, you can still change something. This is done gradually at your own pace, but eventually you will achieve it.

Orange employee, financial specialist, traveler … Your experience is atypical …

I’m 50 now, I started in business school, I would say I had a classic experience. After school I had the opportunity to work at Orange as a manager during the wave of suicides. At this difficult time, I was offered to leave. I raised my hand without hesitation. At the age of 36, I resumed my studies when I was a mother of two. In the evening I took a master’s degree in tax law. After receiving this diploma, I founded my own company.

Why did you give up your old life?

Soon, when I started doing mental therapy sessions with friends, I saw that I could help them understand certain things. Word of mouth then prevailed. In early 2020, when I was receiving patients for two years in a room in my home, my children started calling me to say that it was time to start their own practice. So I took one. It is located in the Capitol Square in Toulouse. So this was my only activity for two years, I completely left the world of finance. Now, instead of numbers, I force people and emotions to speak.

Are you happy after this turn?

Honestly, I would be paid to return to a past life, I will refuse. Everything has changed since I did this work on myself. I achieved everything I thought would make me happy. I had a job, children, a husband, enough money to travel, but I lacked the ability to truly realize myself. And when I look back, I tell myself that without it, I would never have been able to raise my head above the water. It was a missing puzzle piece.

“Missing puzzle piece”, Ed. Verona. 224 pages. 19 euros.