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A historic and recognized player in sentence management, Tocqueville Finance took 2nd place in the list of the best French managers in 2021.

The Alpha League table, which has been under development since 2005 by EuroPerformance (SIX since 2016), is a benchmark rating of asset management companies based on a real risk-based performance indicator – “Alpha”. This rating rewards the best management companies for the ability of their Promotion management to generate an alpha version.

After being ranked 17th for the first time last year, Tocqueville Finance climbed to 2nd place on the podium this year.

Thus, the management company, a subsidiary of La Banque Postale AM, was awarded 19 winning funds. Among them, the euro area is well represented by 9 funds, confirming Tocqueville Finance’s experience in this geographical area, despite the fact that market conditions have been difficult, in particular due to the health crisis.

Indeed, Tocqueville Finance’s DNA is an opportunistic approach to fundraising combined with fundamental and independent analysis that spans four areas: knowledge, value, small and medium capitalization, growth, and subject matter.

Deeply convinced of the benefits of non-financial analysis, Tocqueville Finance has a number of funds, most of which are designated as SRIs. Thus, of the 19 winning funds, 17 benefit from in-depth non-financial analysis and invest in stocks that contribute to environmental, social and governance criteria or aim for sustainable investment within the meaning of Articles 8 and 9 of the Regulation.

Son Michelle2Michel Sone, Managing Director of Tocqueville Finance, explains: “We are delighted with this 2nd place, which shows the relevance of our philosophy of responsible management and beliefs, the effectiveness of which is illustrated in all areas of knowledge that we cover, and this in a particularly chaotic environment. . »

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About Tocqueville Finance

Tocqueville Finance is a portfolio management company founded in 1991 with 99% of La Banque Postale Asset Management. A specialist in French and European equity management with a large capitalization, Tocqueville Finance has two businesses: private management and collective management with an investment philosophy of opportunistic stock selection. His management experience covers value, growth, small and medium capital, thematic and sustainable investment. Tocqueville Finance’s development is based on a network of partners: capital management advisors, distributors, private clients, and institutional investors. As of December 31, 2021, Tocqueville Finance managed 12 billion assets.

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