The Rebus channel cooperates with the Cosmos ecosystem

The Web3 universe is evolving at a rapid pace. Every day there are noticeable changes. Thus, various ecosystems are trying to improve to make Blockchain technology even more accessible. The idea is to replace traditional methods with the latest technology. That is why Rebuschain is collaborating with the Cosmos ecosystem.

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The tweet explains why Rebus chose the Cosmos ecosystem

The boundaries that Rebushain faces

The Rebus business model sells DeFi products to financial institutions that resell them to their customers. Thus, it is a combination of DeFi and traditional finance, aimed at increasing the usefulness of assets. But all this is not as simple as it seems. This creates certain problems: technical and regulatory procedures, which include the ability to trade DeFi assets on different blockchains. This is in order to comply with banking rules.

These limitations seem all the more important for blockchains based on virtual machines (VMs) such as Ethereum.

Blockchains related to a program, as the name implies, are created for a specific reason or for a single program using a common ecosystem. Developers can add or modify features without reference to third-party programs.

This remains impossible with blockchains that use virtual machines that provide account-based functionality and do not allow code execution automatically. Program-specific blockchains remove these limitations. Also a requirement quick fix VM could not control. Finally, the virtual machine is forced to coexist with other decentralized programs (dApps), which offer limited sovereignty.

All these problems are solved with the help of application-specific blockchains.

Why choose the Cosmos ecosystem?

Cosmos is a decentralized network of independent and parallel blockchains. But what makes space better? First, it offers ease of interaction with the IBC and ICA (Inter-blockchain communication & Interchain Accounts) solution, which is a key requirement for Rebus products.

In addition, it also complies with traditional financial rules, which include:

  • Sovereign chain L1, interconnected
  • Network security is monitored
  • Ability to use your own native tokens (REBUS) for transactions
  • Reduced risk of downtime

Finally, Cosmos is a cosmopolitan network of users and shared resources.


Application-based ecosystems seem to be more popular today. There have also been many developments in this area recently that provide better features for users. A number of companies, for example Rebuschain, can now assess how easily they can work on blockchains for certain programs. This would help them better achieve their goals and achieve better results in terms of user satisfaction.

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