The French want to invest in the island, but paradise turns into a nightmare


Maldives: The French want to invest in the island, but paradise is a nightmare

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E. Pelletier, Y. Moine, A. Zouioueche, C. Meral, A. Fischer, S. Giaume, N. Lachaud, C. Berbett, Drone images: Xavier Levent – France 2

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In 2018, about fifty French families decided to invest in an atoll in the Maldives. The main goal was to save this island from mass tourism. But things quickly got complicated.

This is a love story at first sight of fifty Frenchmen to the island in the Maldives Richiveli. “This island is special, it has such energy and such beauty that in fact, when you go there, you feel a little in paradise.”claims Katie Kalb, former director of Rihiveli. But this love story was cut short. The French feel that their island has been stolen. It all started in 2018, when they merged with a local entrepreneur. They invest 42,000 euros each to take over the operation of a small hotel complex, as well as the annual rent to the owner.

Some are freelancers, others are teachers or farmers, such as Xavier Levent, a scuba enthusiast. “At the price of a car, having shares on an island in the Maldives is still not so bad, and then enjoy it.”says the farmer. Three years ago, the French took over the tourist and environmental management of the islands. But the dream quickly fell apart. They are suspected of illegal actions by their local accomplice. They filed a complaint against him, but Maldivian courts ruled against them. Thus, the French lost the right to operate the premises, and is ordered to leave the island. In particular, it is a question of non-payment of rent, as the lawyer of the Maldivian partner specified. The French admit that they did not pay because they were waiting for the outcome of the trial.

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