The first congress on real estate investment will be held on June 11, 2022 in Angers in the presence of Tony Parker

The first congress on real estate investment will be held at the Palais des Congrès in Angers on June 11, 2022. Gathering 15 real estate experts and athlete and entrepreneur Tony Parker.

Economic context that encourages real estate investment

After two years of health crisis, the French are now facing rapid prices and very volatile financial markets. This instability forces them to turn to real estate, which, as never before, is a safe haven when it comes to investing.

Compared to the same period last year, the record for the 12 months also reached a record in the third quarter of 2021, when 1,212,000 transactions were made across France. (source: 20 minutes). In 2022, even if the market normalizes, the volume of requests still significantly exceeds the available proposals (source: Figaro Immobilier).

People who want to invest or diversify their real estate portfolio lack reliable methods and contacts that can help them move forward.

In this context, Benjamin Etienne, founder of Mon Consultant Immobilier and deputy director of Rent’Immo, launches the first Congress of Real Estate Investment.

“The Real Estate Investment Congress is a unique opportunity to study with stakeholders who have successfully invested and earned millions, as well as to benefit from sharing experiences to avoid mistakes that are very costly quickly. » announced, Benjamin Etienne, organizer of the congress.

Build your business network with help Congress of Real Estate Investment

When it comes to investing in real estate, relying on a high-quality professional network is truly one of the keys to success. Indeed, by surrounding yourself with the right people, you can expand your knowledge and open yourself up to new ways to develop or diversify your assets.

That is why the Congress of Real Estate Investment will not only share high-quality know-how, it will also allow each participant to create a quality business network for quiet investment.

Thus, it is ideal for new investors, confirmed investors who want to diversify, as well as for real estate professionals who want to learn on a personal basis or to better support their clients (real estate agents, notaries, lawyers, etc.).

A program rich in lessons

The program of this congress:

  • Discovering real estate strategies
  • Deepening knowledge of real estate investing
  • Meetings with qualified specialists
  • Meetings and exchanges with real estate enthusiasts
  • Expert advice and tips
  • Reviews of exceptional guests
  • Positive (re) programming of thinking

“There is great enthusiasm around this new congress! We expect 800 to 1,000 people and have already sold 150 seats at the February presale. “Exact Benjamin Etienne.

15 real estate experts for a 360 ° study of investment strategies

The co-organizer of the Congress is Jean-Charles Verdal, the official speaker of FC NAST since 2018. The Congress will attract selected guests on topics, each of which offers a conference lasting about one hour.

Here is a list of 7 topics to be covered:

Topic 1: Roommate vs. coliving – Is it still possible to find real estate with a profitability of 8-10% in large cities? Interventions by Amori Tardier, who is obsessed with real estate investing, mainly in colliding across the Great West, and Geoffroy Galli, a businessman, investor and orator.

Topics discussed:

  • To choose the right sectors, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of this market
  • The process to follow to ensure proper project implementation and management (furniture, tenant profile, type of lease, etc.)
  • Deciphering new market trends

Topic 2: Commercial space – how to invest in this niche market? Speeches by Aymerik Amelin and Mavey Wen, two entrepreneurs and investors who have earned more than 10 million euros in 6 years, and Simon Daragon, Ph.D. in tax law, founder of DARAGON CONSEIL and teacher of tax law.

Topics discussed:

  • Choice of place
  • Correct structure (proper name, SCI / SAS, etc.)
  • Important legal and commercial points to know
  • Interest in commercial real estate
  • How to increase your assets dozens of times through commercial premises
  • Bypass HSCF’s commercial real estate liabilities

Topic 3: Building a real estate empire – how to combine real estate investment? Speeches by Claire Michelle, a qualified lawyer, investor and professional trainer, author of the Easy Recovery blog, and Aurelien Thierryo, a real estate trainer (for ambitious investors), investor and stockbroker since 2007, who went from truck driver to multimillionaire.

Topics discussed:

  • Chain real estate investments
  • Manage tenants
  • Get funding from scratch
  • Raise € 900,000 for € 500 (cryptocurrencies are better to beware of!)
  • Legal nuggets that should be known in real estate

Topic 4: Asset Allocation – How to manage your income from different assets? Speech by Louis Dused, entrepreneur, investor since 2015, teacher at ESPI (Real Estate School No. 1 in France) and ISG in Paris.

Topics discussed:

  • Starting from scratch to start investing in real estate
  • Debt collection through real estate investments
  • Develop other asset classes in parallel
  • Distribution and rebalancing of asset distribution
  • Manage profits and losses from various assets

Topic 5: Investing in a couple – How to organize yourself legally, investing together? Speech by Sarah and David, a couple better known by the pseudonym DS investment. Since 2015, Sarah has been working independently as a real estate consultant, and David – a negotiator in the notary office since 2016. Since 2019, they are regular investors.

Topics discussed:

  • Organize yourself legally when investing as a couple
  • protect each other
  • Choose between Pacs, marriage or joint ownership
  • Dangers and benefits of joint ownership
  • Manage marriage

Topic 6: Real Estate Dealer – How to start this business? Speech by Charles Lennoble, an expert on “practical” real estate investment and real estate dealer in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, and Vincent Luego, a real estate enthusiast since 2018 and a permanent entrepreneur since mid-2020, who manages the ecosystem of employees.

Topics discussed:

  • Defining the activities of a real estate trader
  • Engage in this activity
  • Position
  • How to surround yourself with competent professionals
  • Financing a real estate dealer project
  • taxation
  • Find the right deal
  • Use legal concerns to your advantage

Topic 7: Proper thinking for success. Exceptional intervention of a leading athlete and entrepreneur Tony Parker.

His basketball record is one of the most impressive: in addition to numerous NBA awards along with the Spurs, he has won numerous titles and medals with the French team.

After retiring at the age of 36 in 2019, Tony Parker is now an experienced businessman. The owner of a basketball team and a ski resort, an investor who bets on startups or sports real estate, he will share with you his mood to succeed.

Because thinking is an incredible force, it contributes greatly to our success, whether in sports, investment, entrepreneurship, or even personally.

A partner village for opening companies specializing in real estate investments

Here is an overview of the partners who will be present:

Student party : Platform for booking accommodation between owner and tenant for medium and long term rentals.

Matthew Derent : Turnkey specialist in the west of France with 10 years of experience.

L2DI : real estate diagnostics (new DPE rules, etc.)

Shabber model : French leader in furniture and decor for real estate investors. Offers of turnkey furniture, everywhere in France.

Amarris Immo : Certified Public Accountant specializing in declaring rental income for private real estate investors.

I show Full : Revenue management agency for seasonal rental companies, non-professional rental companies and seasonal concierge services.

M2N Capital : A real estate investment specialist in the United States with local partnerships to diversify their assets through 100% delegated and secure investments.

Tridon brokerage company : A credit intermediary and member of the YMANCI network, Tridon Courtage offers customized solutions for real estate and professional financing, as well as loan insurance.

Rent’Immo : Investment solutions for all types of profiles, from new investors (with entrance tickets of about 50,000 euros) to more experienced investors (with investments of several hundred thousand euros).

Guest Adam : A network of local concierges that offer a full service home management for short or medium term rentals.

How much does it cost ?

The standard formula includes:

  • Access to full-time study
  • Chain
  • Snacks and lunch included
  • Closing cocktail
  • The repeat congress is available indefinitely
  • delicacies

Price: 349 euros per person and 649 euros per offer Duo

VIP package includes:

  • Access to full-time study
  • Chain
  • Snacks and lunch included
  • Closing cocktail
  • The repeat congress is available indefinitely
  • Graces were stamped by Tony Parker
  • Reserved place in the first row
  • A unique and exclusive evening for VIP members and speakers (except Tony Parker) for even better exchange, fun and surprises

Price: 799 euros per person and 1399 euros per offer Duo