The event is full of AXA general meetings

Some of the shareholders present may have forgotten it; others no doubt came for it. The general meeting is similar to the meeting of co-owners, only worse.

Hundreds of title holders from the second European insurer met for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic – two years at the Axa insurance company, which took place in Salle Pleyel this Thursday, April 28. They came to see, listen and ask questions top management the company gathered around Thomas Buberl, its managing director, and Denis Duverne, chairman of the board of directors who are about to leave.

Vote for twenty-eight resolutions

They will vote on twenty-eight decisions to approve both the company’s financial statements and the board’s compensation policies, appoint and renew certain directors, authorize the board to buy ordinary shares, or raise Thomas Buberl’s salary.

At two-thirty the lights go out in the concert hall. You can start the session. Denis Duverne, the master of ceremonies, omits a few introductory remarks and mentions the formalities before the opening of the meeting: the creation of the office of the general meeting, the presentation of the agenda …

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“At the end of this general meeting, I will leave the chairmanship of the group, and I will be replaced by Antoine Gosset-Grenville,” said Danny Duverne. This transition was recorded in March 2021. Former financial inspector and head of Caisse des Dépôts, Axa administrator since 2020, now heads the prestigious Parisian firm BDGS. He will combine his work as a lawyer with that of President Axa.