Territory of Thau: Action Logement funded 201 real estate transactions last year

The only collector of employers’ participation in the construction, Action Logement summarizes its activities in the Tau area.

“We are conducting real estate transactions in Occitania, and therefore in Seth and the Tau Basin,” said Eric Delors, Territorial Director (1) of Action Logement (AL). Created in 2017, a system that works to provide housing for employees whose income is insufficient to find adequate housing. AL then became the sole collector of PEEC (Employers’ Participation in Construction), better known as the “1% Employer”.

Social housing

The organization has published the Occitanie report for 2021 (1) on its interventions under the Action Coeur de Ville (ACDV). As for the individual island and the territory of Tau, in 2021 201 housing was financed, in particular, thanks to AL “. “In the Network, we have funded 110 housing units worth 1.142 million euros,” the director said, adding that “of this total, 69 new social housing units and 41 social housing units have been renovated.”

Seth and the Tau pool are very attractive

In five municipalities (2) in Tau, Action Logement has intervened in 91 housing units with a total budget of € 2.366 million. “Most are new social housing. This explains the difference in price with the envelope allocated to Sète,” explains Eric Delors, who adds that “his” share in Sète and Thau, in favor of social housing, is declining due to “Action Heart of the City Sète (designated ACDV since 2018) and NPNRU (New National Urban Renewal Program), which has been very successful at Sète.

Active youth

To illustrate one of the achievements of the Action Logement Occitanie (AL), Eric Delors, Regional Director, gives an example of an operation carried out with the Sète Thau Habitat (1). “This is a residence, which is intended mainly for young workers. This is important because there are many of them. There are trainees who must be able to find accommodation at the time of the contract, as well as those who provide tourist season. The building is located on Danton Street and is part of the Action Coeur de Ville scheme.

(1) It currently manages 3,300 housing units across the country.

“Seth and the Tau Pool are very attractive. More and more companies are being set up there, and therefore the number of workers who have to look for housing is growing. That is why we work together with the City and Agglo de Sète and fund social housing operators grouped in the SAC (3). We work with Sète Thau habitat, Promo logis, Les Maisons claires and Béziers Méditerranée Habitat “, – explains the manager, who clarifies that AL” also works with private operators (SCI, private individuals), as the latter renovate entire buildings. In this case, 3/4 of the premises must be reserved for company employees. We also guarantee that the financial balance of the project will be achieved. “

This program

Thus, Action Logement typically finances € 1,000 / m2 of living space created. “At Sète, we are going up to 1,500 euros, which sets the amount of the subsidy from 30% to 50% of the transaction amount. If ANAH finances with us, we don’t exceed 30%, ”explains Eric Delors, who is pleased that the city of Seth” has implemented a real housing renovation program. “

(1) In Occitanie, 76 real estate transactions funded Action Logement in 25 cities for € 29.3 million.

(2) Frontignan, Meuse, Balaruc-les-Bains, Giján and Vic-la-Gardiol.

(3) Coordination company. Allows you to create groups of HLM organizations.