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tensions and clashes on TV

This has become a classic of election night. At the end of each election, politicians offered the audience a sad spectacle of impossible dialogue, between invectives, resonances and moments of generalized cacophony. Anthology in the installation below.

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Disavocation for Macron, RN wave and mixed success for Nupes: lessons of the second round of legislative activity

“Rebellious France means less police, more cannabis”

Probably the fiercest quarrel was against Clementine Oten, MP for Nupes of Saint-Denis, and Lor Lavalette, RN’s deputy on the Var plateau, France. Laura Lavalette sums it up:

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“Retire, I think, at 65, because you voted for them…”, she says. Immediate response from the LFI representative: “Really, have you decided to start a career in comedy?” “. Then the tone rises in the question of the first opposition group, a position that Nupes and the National Rally assert in an atmosphere of cacophony. Clementine Otten, trying to finish her sentences, begins:

“Democracy, will it be so in parliament? You have to be able to listen to others. »

As the debate continues, and Clementine Oten accuses the RN representative of not “Fought for purchasing power”. Respondent’s answer:

“- Well, of course. And in terms of purchasing power, and security, and Burkina Faso… La France insoumise means more cannabis, less police!”.“You see, purchasing power lasted 20 seconds…”

Then Anne-Sophie Lapix stops transferring weapons between two women: “We will not be able to repeat the debate between the two rounds”.

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“I have a crutch head? »

The tense atmosphere also on TF1 in the early evening between Jordan Bardell and Rachid Dati, known for its offensive tone during the election. However, it was the interim president of the National Rally who attacked, unfolding his usual argument:

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“LR will be a reserve force of the government. For all the respect I have for you, you will be the crutches of Emmanuel Macron. »

Rahida Dati’s sharp answer won’t take long: “I have a crutch head? » And to continue, explaining that “Republicans” are “ party of responsibility and opposition “.

“Are you showing off again?” »

On the BFMTV set, the evening was marked by several moments of generalized cacophony (I must say that the hosts were not helped by the number of guests on the set, a dozen or more). But the most intense battle was undoubtedly between Alexis Corbier (Nupes) and Eric Dupont-Moretti. An unruly French MP criticized the lawyer for his “arrogance”:

“I found Eric Dupont-Moretti, whom I had known for years … Are you still arrogant?” […] Are you still showing off? Well done! »– Invectives, Mr. Corbier…“No, it’s not offensive. You don’t talk to me like that. »

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The dialogue continues, and while Eric Dupont-Moretti causes “disappointing results”, Alexis Corbier interrupts it again: “defeat”. At the last word, the Minister of Justice concludes his speech.

Despite the fact that the presidential party did not receive an absolute majority in the National Assembly, dialogue between the parties will be crucial in order to be able to vote for the texts. Which, apparently, to encourage elected officials of all stripes to stop invective.