Take part in the MMORPG to change your experience

If the tendency is more to depopulation than to settlement, some players choose to participate, sometimes going beyond a simple game to put themselves at the service of the community or the game.

Competency plans

There are many ways to enjoy the game, including MMORPG. With economy, moderation or bulimia, our attitude to consumption will inevitably affect our gaming experience. When we no longer know where to turn, leaving virtual dust on the shelves of the Steam library, when a passion for one genre makes us forget about everything else, when we never get to the end of the game, video games remain the same entertainment, but experienced in a completely different way .

Due to its internal mechanics, MMORPG is a genre that encourages the player to invest time. Availability, and especially the temptation to meet the needs of the immediacy of players, has certainly led to the development of the genre, which may call into question its stability over time, because we then get into a game with content consumption, losing the opportunity significantly. Indeed, saving the world in its corner can lead to its destruction in the long run, as its resources are consumed without creating wealth.

The richness of the MMORPG lies in its interaction, this lost time that brings human experience only if you do not see how the indicator of progress is moving. If I was the first to tear myself away from communication in order to live peacefully, paradoxically – with a few exceptions, such as Zelda – it became impossible for me to play alone. It is important to clearly understand your expectations to really enjoy the game.

Since my first playful video break when The dark age of Camelot switching to a form of ongoing service, I began endless roaming to recreate this precious experience. This lost paradise is full of great nostalgia, worthy of investment made over the years. Not only in the game, the time spent at the forum, but also meetings in real life contributed to the creation of a unique experience. However, my observation is that you should not strive for the utopia of the perfect game, but you should take the time to calm down and invest in it to go beyond experience.

Candidate for election on EVE Online


Some will push the concept too far, to the point of leading an election campaign to represent the people. If everyone has their own personal motivation, from the desire for power to the desire to help others, players from around the world will be selected to create a new edition of the Interstellar Management Council (CSM) Eve online.

This group of ten players will work with them throughout the year CCP Games for game development. Different profiles of CSM members will try to influence the studio in the right direction … or according to their own interests. They are heard by developers, not always listened to, making a contribution to EVE Online.

I’m always impressed by the energy that some players put into writing tutorials, developing tools, managing groups to offer content to others, and improving their gaming experience. Among the candidates for the 17th edition of the CSM election is also a certain Jinx De’Ker.

Interview with Jinx De’Ker

MSC 17

A member of the Brave Collective Alliance since 2016, as well as the Dojo Maneuver, a specially designed training program for supervising new players, Jinx De’Caire is a good example of how investing in a game can lead to full dynamism. I asked him a few questions to try to understand his investment in EVE Online

– Why do you play EVE Online?

I play Eve Online because of the breadth and depth of the game, the community and its history.

– What is the state of the game today?

The game is now in a difficult position as players complain about the lack of resources, outdated parts of the game and rising prices in addition to all this.

– What do you think about CCP Games?

CCP Games created EVA, the living universe, this is my favorite pastime. My time at EVE was great, so I’ll always be grateful for that. CCP Games has communication problems and sometimes makes games, business and marketing decisions that really upset players.

– Why are you involved in EVE?

At EVE, I love helping the Brave community achieve its goals. This ranges from helping new players to the success of the alliance. I’ve tried EVE several times before, but it didn’t appeal to me until I became involved with the community. I have been here for many years. Now I would like to use some of this energy to help the wider EVE community.

– Why did you run?

Over the last two years, I’ve seen how change is affecting new players and communities. I hope that having received a place in CSM, I will be able to be convinced of it CCP make the right decisions for new players and returning players, and help them create content that improves the retention of new players.

– What would you like to improve?

Basically, I want to help CCP improve the retention of new players by improving the first days of the game. I also want the CCP to provide more tools and toys to corporations and alliances. I think if CCP helped player groups get more tools to manage their groups, it would help small and new groups to prosper and retain players.

– If you could impose a solution on CCP Games, what would it be?

For starters, I think the CCP really needs to end Scarcity (Editor’s Note: A period of in-game resource shortages imposed by developers) and then provide the content promised by FanFest.