Suzano launches $ 70 million venture capital initiative to invest in startups

NEW YORK and Sao Paulo, June 14, 2022— (BUSINESS CONDUCT) –SusannaThe world’s largest producer of hardwood pulp and a world leader in sustainable and innovative solutions from renewable sources, today announces the launch of Suzano Ventures, a global corporate venture capital initiative.

Suzano Ventures is investing $ 70 million in a series of companies that have the potential to revolutionize their industry and beyond, addressing some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues. The initiative will focus on companies working in at least one of the four applications of bioeconomics: improving the measurement and management of carbon sequestration, accelerating and maximizing agroforestry yields, developing new technologies and applications of paper pulp biomass and creating more efficient paper packaging sources.

All investments will be in line with Suzano’s principle of “innovation”, ie finding sustainable solutions through innovation, which is the basis of all Suzano’s activities. Investments will be made to companies in the initial and Series A financing phases. Suzano Ventures will also have an accelerator program structure that will use laboratory-based solutions or seek pre-seed commercial testing.

“UzSuzano created Suzano Ventures to support and fund the growing ecosystem of entrepreneurs who bring fresh ideas to the bioeconomy and the wider environmental issues we all face. Suzano Ventures will provide financial and strategic support to these companies and, using Suzano’s wider network and resources, help accelerate sustainable solutions for the pulp industry and beyond, ”said Julio Ramundo, Suzano’s Director of Carbon Companies and Corporate Enterprises.

With a long tradition of promoting new ideas, Suzano has evolved over 98 years, and in recent years has invested in a number of startups as part of its efforts to identify new uses for eucalyptus biomass. Among the latest successes of Spinnova is a Finnish company that has developed a technology for the production of high-strength textile fiber from wood pulp fibers.

Suzano’s initial investment in Spinnova in 2017 was € 5 million, followed by other rounds of investment. In 2021, Spinnova was located at Nasdaq Helsinki, with a market capitalization of 390 million euros. Suzano Ventures is now looking to develop similar projects and provide more structure and maneuverability by analyzing innovative projects and new startups looking for capital that are relevant to Suzano’s areas of expertise.

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