Spanish businessmen are looking for opportunities to invest in Dakhla

On this occasion, members of the delegation, consisting of about 160 Spanish businessmen and investors, as well as representatives of the Iberian Chambers of Commerce, said they were “impressed” by the investment opportunities and quality of infrastructure in Dakhla.

Thus, they expressed their great interest in the region and their desire to contribute to local economic dynamics, using a variety of investment opportunities.

The visit, following the Moroccan-Spanish Investment Forum in Dahla on Tuesday, at the initiative of the Dahla-Ued Eddahab Regional Council in partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, allowed Spanish businesses and leaders to discuss investment and business opportunities. various production sectors of the region, such as agri-food, industry, logistics, fisheries and renewable energy.

Speaking to M24, MAP, the executive president of Aig├╝es de Catalunya, David Madi Sandros said he was pleased with the “positive” visit, allowing the delegation to see in situ the efforts made through a number of infrastructure projects. carried out in various fields.

Investment-friendly region

For her part, the coordinator of the public-private project of agricultural technology in the region of Murcia, Elena Garcia Cartagena, said that the visit allowed members of the Spanish delegation to focus on the investment opportunities offered by the region.

In this regard, Ms. Garcia Cartagena expressed her desire to establish ways of cooperation between Morocco and Spain and to share the experience gained over the years, saying that she was convinced that Dakhla needed to undergo more development and change.

She also stressed the huge potential of the region, in particular in the fields of tourism and agriculture, emphasizing the need to adopt a number of concepts to achieve sustainable agricultural development.

In turn, the regional director of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Bushaib Kiri said that members of the Spanish delegation noted that for those who want to invest in the region, all conditions are conducive to investing in the region. Moroccan or foreign.

Mr. Kiri noted that thanks to the new model of development of the southern provinces, the region is experiencing a pace of complete transformation in infrastructure and large-scale investments.

The visit provided members of the delegation with an opportunity to learn about the progress made in the region and to discover new infrastructure projects, including the Dakhla Atlantic port and industrial fisheries processing enterprises.

During the Moroccan-Spanish Investment Forum, industry panels were organized with public and private sector professionals from both shores of the Mediterranean, highlighting the region’s levers of growth, investment attractiveness and sustainable growth.

These panels cover, inter alia, trade and industry, tourism and handicrafts, the Atlantic port and logistics, agriculture, fisheries and renewable energy.

The event was also interspersed with B2B sessions, an opportunity for Spanish economic operators wishing to invest in the region to connect with various investment opportunities in several high value-added sectors.