“Solutions with furniture”, the key to successful investment in rent

“Furnished solutions” Altarea Solutions & Services, a unique offer on the market:

Altarea Solutions & Services supports Altarea’s brands through its in-house service platform and dedicated business experts. This unique gateway aims to bring added value and satisfaction to customers and partners throughout their real estate project.

The “Furniture Solutions” offered by Altarea Solutions & Services in collaboration with the Group’s brands is a turnkey offer for investors looking for a safe purchase, without restrictions and within the optimal tax system, to effectively invest in complete carefreeness everywhere. France.

“Furnished solutions” – maximum service and peace of mind

  • Installation of kitchen and all furniture and equipment that allows you to participate in the LMNP scheme. Multiple range levels adapted to different investor profiles

  • Lease management, including property lease, tenancy agreement and 100% tenant relationship management, is provided by Altarea Gestion Immobilière, the Altarea Group’s property management structure

  • All property lease insurance (PNO, unpaid lease guarantee, lease vacancy, etc.) *

  • Accounting and tax management of your investments is provided by Immokip Option Réel, a partner of the group and a specialist in taxation of non-professional furniture rental companies *

  • Support the financing of this investment through the Altarea Solution and the financial, brokerage structure of the Altarea Group *


Furniture rental: a profitable and safe investment in rent

Rental of furnished apartments meets the real needs of society. In fact, 60% of tenants are interested in a furnished offer (students, people who are coming to life, companies that need housing for their employees, etc.).

Taxation of a non-professional furniture renter

This tax, which has existed since 1949, allows the real system to generate income (industrial and commercial profit – BIC), which is fully depreciated over a period of 25 to 30 years.

“We are witnessing a real plebiscite of landlords on furniture rental. Another phenomenon is also growing, namely the conversion of bare housing into furniture rental, which allows owners to benefit from the tax depreciation of property. »

David ABIHSIRA is the founder of Immokip Option Réel

“Taxing a non-professional landlord with furniture makes it possible to increase assets and earn extra income. Available to all, this status is especially interesting and highly valued by the French. It is also a response to society’s needs, as the demand for rented real estate continues to grow, especially among students, young workers and geographical mobility professionals. Realization of real estate investments of this nature requires the mobilization of various know-how and the release of time during its implementation and throughout the time of ownership. “With our turnkey offer, we provide our customers with the full experience of the Altarea Group to provide them with comprehensive and long-term support.”

Sophie SOSAMRIT, Managing Director of Altarea Solutions & Services