Should you invest in Axa shares? French insurer sells portfolio in Germany

in sum the amount of the deal is 660 million euros, and part of the returned funds will be used to reduce the dilution of shareholders’ income through share buybacks.

Note that Jefferies analyst Philip Kett’s latest research note is positive with a buy recommendation on the stock and a price target of €28.

Axa Price: What is the current price?

Here is the current Axa price.

What is axa? What you need to know

AXA is fully committed to the insurance sector, where innovation is the main driver of development. The group’s mission is to empower its clients, giving them greater peace of mind and confidence that their lives can be safer, healthier and more fulfilling.

The Group strives to cultivate trust and understanding that generate fruitful relationships with its partners.

Insurance products of the AXA group include:

  • individual and group life insurance
  • health and wellness products
  • individual and collective pension savings programs
  • loss insurance products (vehicle, household, property and civil liability insurance)

Through a network of agents, sellers, brokers, independent financial advisors and banking networks, AXA serves both individuals and companies. The Group also sells its products through direct sales channels such as telephone, mail and the Internet. AXA is headquartered in Paris, France.

A thought on what’s sending Axa ( CS ) shares tumbling

Axa shares may be adversely affected by a number of factors.

  • Economic problems and dangers in developing countries
  • Sudden increase in claims and losses
  • Loss of market share to more digitized competitors
  • Geopolitical tension

An opinion on why Axa (CS) shares are rising

Axa shares can be positively affected by a number of factors.

  • Growing demand for life insurance
  • Advances in emerging markets
  • Digitization of the group, increase in online sales and loyalty
  • The increase in net income from one financial period to another

Our take on Axa shares: Is it a good investment?

  • Axa Mag Mirror Rating: 8/10

Announcement on Axa shares in the medium term

AXA shares maintain an upward trend with interesting patterns: breakouts and pullbacks. You can buy a rollback in early 2022 to reach annual highs of €29.

A long-term report on Axa shares

The long-term configuration is quite bearish with the historical resistance at €27.5, which has just rejected the price.

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