Serge Weinberg is back among Kering’s administrators, instructions and AG reports

Despite the competition at the Axa and Bouygues meetings, Kering’s shareholders almost filled the long blond stone hall of the headquarters on Rue Sevres in Paris, beautifully housed in the renovated premises of the former Laennec Hospital.

The signature is very fast, compared to a series of previous meetings, even for the restoration of proxies entrusted to us by our readers: they cover 88 terms representing 2,652 shares and votes.

On the other hand, it takes more time to get to the debate room, as you have to show your ID at several “checkpoints” in the large courtyard and the old chapel: you are stopped for the first check from the sidewalk of Rue de Sevre, where we are asked identity document (not usual for meetings), then we step through the airport gate with the first opening of the bag, then the second in the old chapel where we leave. The little backpacks we see everywhere in Paris really should stay in the wardrobe. After negotiations with the security guard and the latter’s call to her boss, the journalist and her working tools have the right to enter the Holy of Holies …

Presentations by CEO Francois-Henri Pino and Deputy Managing Director are based on strategies and figures already published in February 2021, as well as on Thursday, April 21, for the first quarter of 2022 (already commented by Investir).

This year is the end of animal fur

Marie-Claire Dave, Director of Sustainable Development, also reported on the achievements and commitments of the luxury group in this area. Among them, Kering will use only renewable energy sources this year, and all the company’s homes will abandon animal fur by the fall of 2022.

The renewal of the 14-member Board of Directors was the subject of a rather detailed meeting. Three new directors appeared on the podium, including Serge Weinberg, 71, who led the group from 1995 to 2005, when it was still called PPR, as mentioned by the current chairman of Sanofi, whose term lasts until May 2023. Serge Weinberg is considered independent. His appointment was approved by 99.93% of the vote.

He will be joined at the board by Veronica Weil, 62, now chairman of CNP Assurances and director of Valeo (among other terms, including the Gustave Russ Institute), after a long international career with Arthur Andersen and JP Morgan. , before returning to France with Axa and Publicis. This very elegant lady is duplicated with a score of 96.08%.

The famous leader of Google

But the first to take the podium was Yonca Dervisoglu, whose first words caused a stir among the audience: ” She can’t say that in French ? issues a voice known to the regulars of the meeting. ” It’s true ! – The neighbor answers. Google’s vice president of marketing for Europe, the Middle East and Africa is Turkish and speaks English without translation. But this tall brunette is the best chosen of the three, gaining 99.96% of the shareholders’ votes. However ” aaaa, here you are, ”Veronica Weil, who replaced Jonka Dervisoglu on stage, greeted the first words with relief.

The words of the leader of Google about the growth of e-commerce in luxury, accelerated by the pandemic, echoed the words of Kering. Last year, the group’s online sales exceeded 2 billion euros, or ” 15% of the turnover of its own chain of stores. They have more than doubled in two years “, Said Deputy Managing Director Jean-François Palus.

Dividends in the amount of 12 euros, which is 50%, were also voted at this unmistakable meeting. After making a deposit of EUR 3.50 in January, the balance of EUR 8.50 will be withdrawn on 3 May.