Sebastian Denaha: “The region will continue to invest massively in the Port of Seth”

The Regional Councilor, elected a year ago by a majority vote of President Karol Delga, summarizes his first months in office and the projects related to Set and the Tau basin.

What did you remember about the first year of being a member of the Regional Council?

This is a year of direct work, very dense action. The rhythm is set by Carol Delga, a woman of action who is always working. The advice she gives to the chosen ones is “work, closeness, humility.” Especially during this period, because many of our fellow citizens are in a difficult situation.

Also, the Occitania region is a huge institution. Several thousand agents, thirteen departments, 6.5 million inhabitants. The size cannot be grasped in a few weeks. I also do an internship at the institution. Including on the scale of this territory. As for the port, it’s still a very complicated universe.

We celebrated a year of mandate on July 3, and I would like to say that of the commitments we have made, we are already implementing 80% of the projects that have either been started or have already been completed. We fulfill our obligations. We are fully mobilized.

And I work all over the Bassin de Thau. I confess, I am happy to feel useful for the region, in the place of a deputy of the regional council. Not to be confined, as I have been in recent years, to the role of a somewhat sterile opponent.

What were the first missions you were given?

The region is represented in 2,600 organizations. As far as I’m concerned, the territory is about sitting in all the organizations in which the region is a member. All the high schools, Ifsi, the national scene, Krakow, everything to do with the port.

I am the port administrator. I sit on the board of directors of Port Sud de France, the regional public institution that manages the port on a day-to-day basis. It fascinates and excites me. And I am the president of the port council, which is a bit like the port parliament. It unites all actors. Until then, it was barely once a year. I made a commitment—and I started—to meet at least two or three times a year to have a deeper connection with all the actors.

Projects for Sète and its Agglo

Mr. Denaha is the regional reference for negotiations with Agglo de Sète for the territorial contract (with a contribution of 28 million euros to support projects in the previous one). A meeting was held on May 10. “There is not a single big project in Sete that would be implemented without the help of the Region,” insists the regional elected official.

The region also has its own projects. In particular, the development of the “sea part of the multimodal interchange at the station. We will build 70 piers along the old Trestle. Accessible river shuttles will depart from there.” Another important item, the Paul-Valery High School cafeteria. Who is late “At the suggestion of city services, we are studying a new scenario.” Also, in 2023, work on the reconstruction of the Regional House of the Sea (Palace of the Consulate) will be completed. With full availability. For an “even more open” place, with amenities “for all those connected to the sea” and regular local reception. The elected official finally announced, “Don’t worry Setua, we’ll have to surround the tower with a protective net. During the technical visit, we realized that the building needs strengthening.”

Have you made any strategic decisions?

We recently made an important decision. We have announced the creation of an inter-port cooperation board with the port of Port La Nouvelle, which is another regional port managed in a different way, but very focused on energy conversion, wind energy. We absolutely want these two ports to work hand in hand, complementing each other. There were fears. This case proves that these two ports are not designed to compete with each other, but rather to develop new synergies.

The region has already committed far more resources to Seth. 200 million euros, plus 150 million euros from the private sector. These are colossal amounts. In Sete, the port is the main employer. Economic lungs of the city with 1,700 direct and indirect jobs. With all segments, fishing, trading, yachting. And over the past three years, 200 jobs have been created.

I am Setua and a member of the regional council. I am also interested in creating jobs for Audois. You must know how to raise yourself to the level of general interest.

What are the projects for Port Seth?

In particular, the passenger terminal project. It is true that it has been delayed. With the current crisis plus an increase in raw materials, we are studying costs. We want to take the time to avoid spending out of control. We are also working on a new promenade, the i1, which will allow new traffic. The region will continue to invest massively.

Another site to be opened by the end of the year at the end of Mole. Where are we?

The sea base is 100% financed by the port. The project is being finalized. It was launched during the previous mandate and will benefit a large number of associations. With the mantra: alignment with the port’s strategic project, which should focus on energy transition and harmonious development. It will be a new place to live. With space for hospitality, restoration. The building is sized to preserve the fairing area, especially for anglers.

The Criée reconstruction project is underway at the port.

Also, in the next 2-3 years, along with city parking projects, there will be a reorganization of the whole “ass”. This will allow the creation of 14 completely new berths, in particular for small trades. It’s really helpful. And I made a commitment: to preserve the space dedicated to the School of Chivalry of the Navy, an iconic place. It is important, it is what constitutes the soul of Sète.