Real estate: training for investing or for a career

Practice buying the best

Training in this case is not to obtain a professional license or profession BTS in real estate. In fact, if the goal is to invest, the idea is to better understand the basics of accounting and management. Some training courses accompany you from the first steps, giving advice on how to get a mortgage.

What do we learn during the training?

To be successful in building a real estate portfolio, you must first understand how it works. This will allow you to make investments with high returns. Training allows you to master the basics, and then strive to professionalize the project:

  • calculations of net profitability,
  • gross profit,
  • positive cash flow
  • levers for greater profitability,
  • to quantify the amount of work
  • adopt the right investor strategy according to your goals

This will allow you to manage your wealth on your own. Then, if necessary, you can always improve your skills in specific legal aspects, sales techniques and more. to increase rental income.

Where and how to learn to invest in real estate?

Today you can choose distance learning. There are also specialized conferences. Some are certification, others are diploma. Choose initial training first to learn strategy. Then you will be able to apply everything learned in practice. Because yes, at some point we will have to take action. Then you will be ready.

In any case, take the time to learn more about the teaching team and read the curriculum carefully. The contribution you make to your learning will allow you to benefit from quality learning with stakeholders.

Train to change your life

Have you been informed about the benefits of an independent real estate consultant and you want to take advantage of them slowly? Taking a training course will allow you to gain independence.

Why become an independent real estate consultant?

This is a profession-specific organizational and functional turnkey autonomy. By becoming a real estate agent, you are responsible for your planning, meetings and visits.

Then there is the attractive compensation. You will be able to manage your own schedules. This way, you can control your reward and choose to work harder to earn more. Commissions are accrued on the basis of sales made. The real estate market is very dynamic and it is not going to stop. Compared to a paid real estate agent, freelancers receive a much higher percentage of commissions.

Real estate consultants can also join the real estate network. Some networks, in particular, practice network marketing. This is to sponsor one or more new real estate advisors. In this way, all independent professionals together form a real team.

How to learn to become an independent real estate agent?

Theoretical and practical training is an important step in becoming an independent real estate consultant and succeeding in your career. No special diplomas are required for this job. These independent professionals often have different backgrounds. Many of them also decided to change their careers.

Under Hoguet law, a real estate agent cannot practice without a card obtained after integrating the real estate network. Then he must have some necessary skills. He must be dynamic, listen to his customers. Sharp commercial skills allow him to negotiate and showcase the goods he sells.

Although he is not a lawyer, he is an educated real estate specialist. Therefore, he must have excellent legal, regulatory and tax knowledge. Namely, current laws, contract or lease agreements, tax exemption systems, etc. That is why training is necessary from the very beginning.