Real estate: The top 5 villas can be invested with a suitable property to be repaired

Do you want to invest in a studio that is self-sufficient with a good opportunity to prepare for the return? Saint-Etienne, Limoges, Le Mans, Metz and Nîmes!

The preparation of the return of a major French concern in the context of the beginning of the quinquennium. Alors que fin de la vie active rime bien souvent avec baisse de revenus, Meilleurs Agents dresse le panorama des solutions immobilières possibles et présente un classement exclusif des villes où il fait bon investir.

Have property: an important price

The representative accommodation is the main source of the French budget. En moyenne, les revenus diminuent de 27% lors du passage à la retraite *, alourdissant le poids du loyer dans le budget. First solution to save the state of affairs: to be in good condition before going to work. An option that can be countered against the augmentation of deafness, this is the direction of the results of the housing of the poor. Ainsi, to prepare for future retirement, is a type of two people with the elderly medians to offer an accommodation of 61 months in the 51 great villas of France in 2002, a loan of 20 years and one more fee. of 33%. Depuis, les venus de ce même ménage ont evolué: ils sont en moyenne 63% plus élevés lors du départ à la retraite en 2022. Une augmentation qui permet de reduct sensiblement le taux d’effort, lequel pass de 33% à 20% en moyenne 1 avant la retraite.

On 20 years and in a contestant of the house of revenge, to buy a residence of the principal permet à un menage de fixer le cojut de son logement et ainsi, d’aléger progressivement son taux d’effort. Une fois la retraite venue et le credit remboursé, le coyut du logement devient nul. In the opposite, in the shape of the shoe of the location and for an identical surface of 61 m², the amount of money must be paid and a monthly fee of € 832 can be made at the date of the 51 most large villas in France of 28%. The last one that can be redeemed with the vengeance of the induced revenge. The device has a clear solution plus a judicial location”Analysis, Responsible of economic studies at Agent Agents.

Parce qu’il représente une épargne forcée, l’achat permet de fait la constitution d’un capital. At 20 years old, the 172% bond price is in the 50s plus the grand villas of France * and Paris. Which means you can earn a plus-value of € 133,111 per month on a 20-year credit loan (notary and agency fee, taxes, co-ownership and fraud fees) of inclusion included).

For all the loins, the best agents of the real estate and the ranking of the villas of the men who have been in charge for 20 years have realized the plus-value net of the plus elevée. In the title of the classification, he retrospectively of the villas in particular touches the flame of the price of the image of Lyon, at the price of a square meter with a discounted price of € 5,401. On 20 years, the capital of Gaules offers a plus-value net price of € 260,000 and a house of 279% of its price.

€ 235 per month for new loans with locative investment

With self-financing, local investment cannot be done in terms of budget and allow you to pay for a loan, which, in the end of the day, will be able to complete a pension. An investor in a studio of 20 people who have 10 minutes of refinancing precedents, a money-saving tool to help you pay a compliment of almost $ 235 in 51 more grand villas of France at the moment of departure. Attention should be paid to the opportunity to pay: 55 € 221 per month for this type of real estate operation in the great French metropolises. A mount that can be used for € 146,386 in Paris, a city that offers a counterpart to the compliment of loyer net of charges plus plus the price of € 380.

Do you want to have a good opportunity to prepare for the return?

Certaines villes présentent de reallles opportunités comme Saint-Etienne où, en investissant dans un studio qui s’autofinance et sans apport consequent, un ménage pourra bénéficier d’un revenu net mensuel de 151 € comme complimé de retraite. Attention should be paid to the risks of local holidays and the depreciation of the well, but it is also possible to fail in the metropolis ”help Barbara Castillo Rico.