Real Estate Investment: Very early on, she gave herself the means to achieve her ambitions

Combine CDI with entrepreneurship, travel hundreds of miles to find a profitable investment, manage major business remotely, Clemens Fo stopped at nothing to invest in real estate.

Short course for start and fast employment

Even before graduation, I knew that I wanted to buy my main place of residence as soon as possible, so as not to be a tenant. So I took a short course that allowed me to get a job quickly “Clemens Fo says.

After studying accounting in 2014, the young woman got a job in an accounting firm in the suburbs of Paris, but this first experience did not turn out as she had hoped. ” I left this position a few months later to become an accountant with a condominium trustee, and when my probationary period ended, I began conducting research to buy real estate. “.

Very quickly, Clemens Fo finds her happiness and signs a compromise, but after the family event, she is forced to leave her CDI to take care of a member of her family, and thus abandons her project of purchase.

CDI in bowling and then active exposure

A few months later, she found a permanent job at a bowling club, where she worked in the evenings. ” This job allowed me to earn an income by taking care of the family for the rest of the day. “, – she clarifies.

At the same time, Clemens Fo, who has developed a large community on social media, is gaining a foothold as an influencer and creating his own micro-enterprise. ” Within a few months, my activity as an influencer was growing, so I decided to leave my CDI. »

Years pass, the desire to invest does not leave. In 2018, she arranged a meeting with her banker to find out if he would be willing to accompany her on a real estate project, but, not having a guarantee of a permanent contract, he flatly refused.

Free time to learn about real estate investing

From that moment on, I developed a real investment strategy. I am looking for a permanent contract again and in 2019 I will be hired at a hotel in Disneyland Paris. I also decided to learn how to invest in real estate to make as few mistakes as possible. I first train with Olivier Seban, then comes the first imprisonment. I found myself on partial unemployment “, – she recalls.

Clemens Fo does not despair, but will use his free time to continue his studies in real estate. “I joined Christopher Wangen’s program and changed course there: from simply buying a main residence, I moved on to buying an apartment building that would allow me to invest in real estate while living in one of my apartments. »

40 visits to find a rare pearl in the south of France

For several years, Clemenceau Fo wanted to settle in the south of France. ” That’s why I focused my research on student cities in the region “, – she explains.

After the first imprisonment, she went to visit the property and found an apartment building with three apartments and a parking lot in the Montpellier region. ” I signed an authentic deed in September 2020, leased it and from January 2021 began looking for a second property. At that time I was still living in the suburbs of Paris, so I went south for two weeks. I visited about forty buildings without finding a rare pearl. »

However, during the visits she created a strong network. ” Real estate agents started sending me real estate ads outside the market, and among these objects I found SUCH a nugget that I was looking for: a second apartment building with four apartments and a parking lot with construction work that would allow me to use the tax exemption lever “.

Projects for 2023

The real act is signed, the work begins quickly, but soon Clemens Fo will face an unexpected situation. “ The master, having received several payments, finally did not come to work on the site. I called a bailiff to find out the facts and called a lawyer to bring the case. Work on the two apartments has been delayed, they will be handed over soon “, – she explains. Today, despite these dangers, Clemence regrets nothing. it is through this that we learn “, – she insists.

Now settling in the south, she lives in one of her apartments and rents out the others on a long-term basis. Among his following projects: launch a seasonal lease, and in 2023 make new investments in real estate “Meanwhile, she is developing her business.” I have refocused my activities, now I support women entrepreneurs in developing their digital presence. And next year I also plan to open a concierge service for real estate management, which is for rent on a seasonal basis. “, – she admits.