Purchasing power: what specific measures?, News

Faced with inflation, we have a duty: to react, to protect the French “wrote new Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne in the preamble to the government’s purchasing power bill. Long awaited by both the French and the opposition, this law – actually two, because certain measures are included in the bill to amend the financial law – was finally unveiled this Thursday, July 7, in the Council of Ministers. The project, which will be discussed next week, does not present any big surprises. In essence, this is an extension of existing or already leaked devices.

Here is a short list of the strongest specific measures:

– Reassessment 4% of family benefitssocial minimums and pensions for 1Er July. Matignon gives some numerical examples: the basic old-age pension of €1,200 per month will be increased by €49 in 2021; A couple on SMIC with two dependent children will be able to receive up to €40 more per month in family allowance; The beneficiary of the Adult Disabled Allowance (AAH) will increase his/her allowance by 37 euros per month;

– Durability Macron Prize for ” make work more remunerative “, the government press statement reads. From €3,000 it can be increased to €6,000, still exempt from taxes, for ” companies that have established a profit sharing scheme which this new law should also contribute to. The day before, during an intervention on TF1, Elizabeth Bourne specified that in 2021, four million French people would use it.

– Revaluation of 4% in activity bonus paid to low-income workers (4.5 million eligible households). Thus, a full-time Smic employee, or €1,303 net per month, will receive €31 more.

– Creating a fuel surcharge between €100 and €300 per vehicle and per employee for those who drive to work, regardless of whether they are employees, self-employed, students or civil servants… provided they do not earn more than €14,100 EUR per year and per share (reference tax income).

– Extension discount on fuel 18 cents at the gas station through the end of September before phasing out: 12 cents off in October, 6 cents off in November.

– Also an extension tariff shield on energy prices until the end of the year. ” Without it, gas for households would jump by 50%, and electricity – by 35%! – we say to Matignon. According to government estimates, for a couple with two children, these shields save €750 over a year for a 90m2 home.2 gas heating.

– Settings a shield rent : limiting their increase to 3.5% for one year, from October 2022 to October 2023. At the same time, housing subsidies are being increased by the same amount.

– Removal in autumn contribution to public broadcastingor the “television fee”, which costs 138 euros a year to 23 million French households.

Added to all this is a €100 back-to-school grant for low-income families, a 4% revaluation of student grants, a reduction in social security contributions for the self-employed or even a three-click unsubscription is useless…