Protecting your property: why invest in a safe?

With the increase in burglaries and burglary, as well as the restoration of danger, the protection of property is now extremely important. A safe is the best equipment for this. A real everyday ally.

Why buy a safe?

If a few years ago it was reserved only for banks and wealthy people, now the safe is invited to private homes. It has several major advantages.

Protection of property from burglary

To protect your property from thieves, the best solution is to invest in a safe deposit box. Due to the strength of materials and the efficiency of the locking system, it forms an immovable shaft against breakage. This way, you will be able to keep your precious jewelry, your confidential documents, your money, your computer devices, your collectibles, … All this without fear.

Protection of property from flames

The safe is fireproof and equipped with special thermal insulation. In other words, it protects the property from flames. The internal temperature remains stable for 30-120 minutes, depending on the model. For information, the temperature can quickly reach 600 ° C in the event of a fire in the house. Knowing that sheets of paper burn at 170 ° C and computer media deteriorates at 70 ° C, a safe is an important piece of equipment.

Protection of property from water

The safe is also a waterproof piece of furniture. It has seals and appropriate strips that prevent water from entering. For example, in case of heavy rain or flood, your belongings will always be protected.

Easy access to content

Instead of keeping your valuables in the bank, just buy a safe. You will have easy access to its contents, which will calm you down more. You no longer need to contact a financial institution to do this.

Safe selection criteria

Whether you are an individual or a professional, you can easily find a safe tailored to your needs. But before making a purchase, the first step is to estimate the volume and number of objects to be protected. This way you get an idea of ​​the optimal size of the equipment.

The safes available on the market are divided into different classes (depending on the level of security) and usually have a capacity of 3 to 70 liters.

As for closing, you will have a choice between combination models, code and keys. Also consider the brand and price of the safe.

Where to install a safe?

There are 2 types of safes:

  • built-in safe: ideal for protecting small objects, and its front edge is stronger than others. It is desirable to install it in a strong and thick wall, and hide behind a picture, bookcase or piece of furniture;
  • there is a separate safe: due to its large volume, it is suitable for storing business and professional property. Its 4 sides provide the same level of protection.

If you want to protect your important assets (confidential documents, valuables, etc.), do not miss the purchase of a safe. This piece of furniture not only combines storage, preservation and confidentiality, but also provides improved protection against possible theft, fire, flood …