Private investment, a tool to combat gender inequality?

Can you quickly introduce us to eToro?

andToro is a multi-asset investment platform founded in Tel Aviv in 2007. It now has more than 27 million registered users in more than 100 countries. Our goal is to make investing affordableso that everyone can trade and invest in a simple and transparent way.

eToro offers retail investors a choice. The platform allows them to choose the assets in which they invest, from shares without commission to commodities. eToro also gives you the opportunity to choose how to invest. Clients can invest themselves, copy another investor or invest in a thematic portfolio.

eToro recently published a women’s survey on investing. What are the main conclusions?

Last February, we conducted research in 14 European countries. 9,500 individual women investors responded, including 1,000 French women. The study, in particular, shows that even today, despite significant media coverage of post-pandemic investment practices, investment remains a predominantly male trend. Nonetheless, among women who invest in France, 52% invest at least once a month.79% invest almost a third of their monthly net income. Therefore, investment in women is gradually taking its place.

What factors motivate women to invest?

There is no doubt that managing your money and your financial assets is a real vector of emancipation. For more than half of the respondents, Investment is a means of alleviating the inequality between men and women in terms of remuneration. 54% believe that their investments are motivated by the desire for additional income.

And yet, are there several barriers to women’s investment?

Absolutely. The main obstacle is the lack of information: 13% of women surveyed say they do not know where to find reliable information, and 22% say they do not know what to invest in. In addition, the lack of sufficient capital remains a major obstacle to the economic crisis.

For 10% of respondents, finding money to invest is the hardest part of investing. Finally, even if this is not one of the main obstacles, self-doubt (6%) remains significant.

So what are the possible levers for accelerating the democratization of investment among women?

First of all,financial education is needed give everyone the opportunity to invest. 59% of women want more education at school and in higher education, as well as on the Internet and social networks. It also requires more visibility female role models, from all walks of life. For example, almost every second French woman (46%) believes that having more female role models in investment would also encourage them to do so.

What has eToro introduced to accelerate this democratization?

It is our responsibility to respond to calls for more female role models and to provide a variety of educational tools. To do this, we launched the program “Invest with her” – a community of women investors in eToro. They discuss their investment strategies with each other and can benefit from special educational content.

EToro also relies on its Popular Investor program to promote role models that reflect the diversity of women who invest. It consists of experienced investors, including women, who interact with their community to support them in their financial adventures.

Apart from women’s investment, what are the prospects for specific investments to combat gender inequality?

Special investments can also be a means of encouraging companies that strive for better diversity and representation of women. So we launched Smart portfolio “Women’s Leadership”. This smart wallet allowsinvest in societies that are advanced in terms of gender equality and parity in their governance and functioning. With this new smart portfolio, eToro allows investors to integrate the values ​​of inclusiveness and equality into their investment strategy.


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