Pictet AM is concluding a four-year research partnership on biodiversity

The only asset management company associated with the Biodiversity Finance Program, the Pictet Group was selected for its innovative approach to sustainable financing.

Pictet Asset Management (Pictet AM) has been invited to participate as a founding member in a new four-year international research program aimed at helping the financial sector develop strategies to conserve natural capital and eliminate losses. biodiversity.

Under the auspices of the Stockholm Center for Sustainability (SRC) at Stockholm University, the initiative will receive almost € 5 million in funding from Mistra, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Studies.

Pictet AM, the only asset management company associated with the Biodiversity Finance Program (BIOFIN, Biodiversity Finance), has been selected for its innovative approach to sustainable finance.

As a “high-impact partner”, Pictet AM will thus contribute its investment experience and contribution to interdisciplinary research aimed at creating concrete environmentally friendly changes in the financial system.

The PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) Platform and Stanford University are partners in the research program that Pictet AM will work with in this context.

The BIOFIN program aims to encourage the consideration of the preservation and restoration of natural capital when making financial and investment decisions.

Although biodiversity erosion is one of the most serious current environmental threats, the lack of reliable data and indicators makes it difficult to monitor. According to WWF, insufficient conservation of ecosystems could cost the world economy $ 10,000 billion by 2050.

The BIOFIN research program will be led by SRC Professor Gary Peterson, one of the lead authors responsible for coordinating the Millennium Ecosystem Scenario Assessment and the Biodiversity Scenarios (Biodiversity Assessment and Scenarios) report on the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Intergovernmental Platform. The latter will be supported by Beatrice Krona, SRC Deputy Research Director.

“Biodiversity is an important aspect of sustainable investment,” said Sebastian Eisinger, Managing Partner, Pictet Group. “We look forward to deepening our collaboration with the SRC and working with other partners in the research program to improve our understanding and knowledge of the links between biodiversity and investment.”

“Creating a sustainable world requires transformation, and finance plays a key role in bringing about change,” said Gary Peterson. To encourage this transformation, we will work to make traditional investments more responsive to the complexities of life. And we are going to explore other forms of investment that can bring the world of finance and the living world closer together. ”

This unique collaboration strengthens Pictet AM’s relationship for nine years with SRC, whose model of the world’s ecological boundaries is the basis of analytical work carried out in the management of Pictet-Global’s investment strategy. Opportunities, one of the greatest in its class.