PATRIMONIA 2022: September 29-30, 2022 in Lyon, an event not to be missed for capital management professionals


As inflation returns amid a geopolitical crisis and deficit, this 2022 issue of Patrimonia will provide visitors with answers to their concerns, including how to support the French to protect and safeguard their heritage in these particularly uncertain times.

These two days of the congress will be interspersed with hundreds of speeches in different formats:

  • During the four major plenary conferences, the distinguished guests will analyze the economic situation, key trends in capital management and offer a promising vision of the profession.
  • Panel discussions will address current and market topics
  • Advice from professionals will give visitors the opportunity to discover the latest solutions and take advantage of feedback from a capital management professional.
  • The podium will be a place of consultation for the development of your practice and increase customer loyalty
  • For the second year in a row, the digital factory will present new technological solutions dedicated to the profession
  • The Patrimonia trophies will also be presented for the first time at the congress. The award ceremony, which will take place on Friday, September 30, will award 5 winners in the following nominations:
  • The Most Innovative CGP trophy will be awarded to a professional who has implemented an innovative ESG approach, digital process or innovative way of maintaining customer relationships.
  • The Next Generation Trophy will be awarded to the young CGP with the highest turnover growth rate in three years and recommended performance.
  • The Digital Innovation Trophy will highlight an offer that is the best innovation on the market
  • The Corporate Citizen Trophy will be awarded to the company that offers the most exemplary project in terms of impact on society, whether for overall commitment to the company, mergers and integration of teams, or even impact on beneficiaries.
  • The Best Partnership with CGP trophy will reward the best service or project that helps increase customer satisfaction.

More than ever this year, full of challenges and uncertainties, Patrimonia wants to be a spy for capital management professions and support professionals in addressing key issues in France, says Annelis Helmer, Commissioner General of the Convention. Patrimonia is clearly aimed at wealth management advisers, as well as all professionals, lawyers, notaries or even chartered accountants, who should also play a role with their clients, advise them and help them preserve their heritage.

About heritage

Patrimonia is the largest annual meeting in France for capital management professionals. In 29 years, the convention has brought together more than 7,500 capital management advisers and other productive investment partners (asset managers, notaries, accountants, etc.) and nearly 350 exhibiting partners (management companies, banks, insurance, real estate, direct equity, fintech, etc.).

Patrimonia, an event organized by Infopro Digital. Infopro Digital is a leading group of information and professional services (3,900 employees, turnover of € 480 million; an increase of 20% per year since 2001). The group covers several key areas of the economy: construction, automotive, industry, insurance and finance, distribution and the public sector. Its products (software, databases, digital platforms, exhibitions, conferences and trainings, media, etc.) allow customers to develop turnover and increase their productivity and efficiency.

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