Patrick Bruel: “I’m happy to invest here to pay a little tribute to this Provence that welcomed us”

Patrick Bruel received the Midi Libre in the heart of summer, at his home in Ile-sur-la-Sorg. Products created on his land, experiences, hotels, albums, series… he opens his projects.

You will regularly escape between two concerts to these lands of Provence, on Île-sur-les-Sorg. What are you looking for here?

I feel good. And I am happy that I can share it with my family, friends. I am happy that this anchor point is in the middle of two important places in my life, my French roots and my North African roots: where I was born, Algeria, and where I lived, which is Paris.

Also with this joy of feeling a little at home in Provence. Last July 20, during my concert in Carpentras, for the first time in my life I really felt like I was on the local stage. It really pleased me. And for my children, this place is also a reference point, it is the roots. I am happy when they come here, they welcome their friends, they are at home, they are proud when we try their olive oil and all the products of the Leos estate (a name formed by shortening their names Leon and Oscar, Editor’s Note).

A domain where you are currently developing an entire ecosystem…

We started with a small olive and we reach a wonderful adventure that covers many things… Starting with olive oil, we are interested in the benefits of olive leaves, through cosmetics, agri-food products. After honey, we are working on lavender and jams, which come from my love of thyme.

I put it everywhere in the kitchen, in desserts… During my imprisonment, I did not stop cooking in Paris with this thyme, which my mother took from here. We made these jams with the help of a workshop two kilometers from here (and made up of people with disabilities, Ed).

You also work with a local association that deals with the reintegration of the unemployed.

Yes, Clé des champs, who participates in the harvest. We have also concluded an agreement with the agricultural school of Ile-sur-la-Sorg for planting, clearing bushes… This gives rise to very interesting exchanges with students. I try to invest myself in this territory, in its actors, and I would like to spend more time there.

The first wine was born on these lands, a rosé named after your mother, Augusta. Will other cuvées appear?

Yes, we have been making red wine for three years, it will be September 2024. But this is a long-term work, my children, or perhaps their children or grandchildren, may one day have a very big wine in this area. The terroir is very promising, crazy! And then there will be white wine, probably before red.

Do you have other projects?

Yes, we are currently working on a tapenade project, on a vegetable garden, on a garden of aromatic herbs… We want to develop our agri-food assortment, but it must make sense and meet standards.

In April 2024, a hotel will also open at the entrance to Île-sur-la-Sorg, in Port de Bouiga, with 49 rooms and a level of about 5 stars, it will be a place of passage with a restaurant, well – to be with a health spa- center, as well as a place open to the city, which will carry the identity, traditions and specificity of the island of Ile-sur-la-Sorg. We want to make it a place of experiences.

I am happy to invest myself here and to give a little honor to this city and to this Provence that has welcomed us, my family and me for fifteen years, I want to give it back to them.

Does this dimension of the entrepreneur behind the singer, the actor take up more space today?

No, I remain primarily an artist, but I am passionate, I like to take on many fields, in the emotional sense of the word, I always surround myself with very close people, people who are competent and whom I trust (including the former owners of the house, Joel and Carol Gaye , which accompany him in his projects, editor’s note).

I also have a competitive side, in everything I do I try to do my best, strive for excellence, and it is true that H oil by Leos has topped all national and international competitions for five years (54 medals, in including 23 gold ones). medals, Ed.). It’s a lot of work and thought with an extraordinary team.

And then I like watching it happen, I like being close to that land and tasting what’s planted there, it’s a crazy feeling. Whenever we go to friends who make their own wine, oil, jam, tomato sauce or whatever, there is always something really good. One day Renault came here for dinner, he brought me a box of fruit and vegetables from his garden, he was so proud, so happy, it was at the very beginning when we were there, we didn’t have, we didn’t start doing anything, this really affected me.

This Provençal estate is alive with a constant buzz of projects… Do you find it difficult to stay idle?

I love when I can afford it. But it’s true that right now between finishing the album, finishing the tour and all these teachers who admire me, it’s not on the agenda (laughs). I will be back to normal life soon. I want to devote a little more time to my loved ones, to myself.

But from being an actor to a singer, from olive oil to poker, from football to chess, I’ve never done anything as a hobby in my life, so I’ve always worked, at least I’ve done my best. I did not succeed in everything, but I always did everything thoroughly.


This is what Michel Drucker said: “Among the great French stars were Johnny, Cloclos. Today there is Bruel.” Singer, actor both on the boards and on the big screen, poker player in his spare time, crowned with the equivalent of a world title, Patrick Bruel is a multi-card artist, also known for his commitment to the Enfoirés squad, where he broke all attendance records. Born on May 14, 1959 in Tlemcen (Algeria), father of two sons, Oscar, born in 2003, and Leon, born in 2005, Patrick Bruel divides his time between Paris, Provence and the United States.

This house is also a place of musical creativity…

Yes, I’ve written a lot of songs on this piano, it’s where I work in the summer, it’s where I’ll be putting the finishing touches on my new album.

When will it come out?

On November 18, the first single will be released on August 26.

How did you experience your meeting with the audience in Occitania on July 18 in Ales?

It was sublime. Something happened, there was this atmosphere, these arenas, this wind of freedom. It was a really good exchange. This will be one of my best concerts.

Is the tour coming to an end?

Yes, we’re filming a show in Liege (Belgium) in October, so I don’t think we’ll be playing again until 2024.

Other art projects?

Perhaps the TV series shot in January will be the first for me. And we have a production company with Amanda (Sters), the mother of my children, we made a documentary about the American casting director Bonnie Timmermann, it was selected in Venice, in Deauville. We are extremely proud!