Parliamentary elections: how much does a French MP earn?

The second round of parliamentary elections will take place on Sunday, June 19. Then the elected deputies will receive a salary of 7,239.91 euros gross per month, or 5,679.71 euros net. These amounts are relatively close to the practice in France’s neighbors. To this is added a number of envelopes designed to ensure quality work, all of which are regulated and controlled.

Remuneration of deputies in France

The salary of a deputy in France is divided into three elements:

  • Basic parliamentary assistance. It is 5,623.23 euros;
  • Accommodation allowance 168.70 euros.
  • Duty allowance. It reaches 1447.98 euros.

Thus, in France, a deputy has a salary of 7,239.91 euros gross per month., ie 86,878.92 euros gross per year. After writing off social security contributions, the payment of deputies is EUR 5,679.71 net per month. Then it is subject to income tax under common law.

Can we combine several rewards?

People’s deputies can no longer perform the functions of local executive power. They may have an advisory mandate in local assemblies (town halls, departments, oblasts). In any case, the amount of local allowances received by a deputy (or senator) is limited to 2,811.62 euros per month.

To make ends meet, parliamentarians can theoretically continue to work in the private sector. But the activities of the council, consultant, lawyer are limited to the continuation of previous activities and are authorized provided that the persons concerned do not use their mandate in the exercise of their profession.

Do parliamentarians have to be paid?

If French deputies have been receiving contributions since the autumn of 1789, and if this practice is common today, historically it has not always been the case. The constitutional monarchy put an end to the parliamentary contribution between 1815 and 1848, a period during which politics – both its conduct and voting – was reserved for a handful of rich people.

The principle of parliamentary indemnity is widely recognized today. In fact, it is considered necessary to allow everyone access to and protection of elected office independence of deputies.

To fulfill their mission, deputies have two envelopes, which are added to reimburse a certain amount of expenses (transport, accommodation, etc.).

This is

  • Imoney transfer advance. The monthly amount is 5373 euros, it is intended to cover the costs of reception and representation, the cost of renting parliamentary staff and more.
  • one employee loan in the amount of 10,581 euros per month.

Remuneration of deputies from our neighbors

In terms of remuneration of deputies, the French practice is relatively close to that of our neighbors Britain and Germany.

Thus, in the United Kingdom, the MP’s annual salary is 84,144 pounds., or approximately 98,000 euros. That’s 7012 pounds gross per month, or about 8,166 euros. In addition to this remuneration, there are allowances to cover living expenses, remuneration of members’ staff and travel of members between their constituencies and parliament.

Member of the Bundestag, German Parliamentary Assembly, receives € 10,012.89 gross per month. To this is added the so-called “functional” allowance, non-taxable, in the amount of 4583.39 euros per month. This makes it possible to cover the expenses related to the performance of the deputy function: stay in office in the district, living in Berlin, etc.