or how to finance promising projects to serve the real economy

A management company specializing in direct investments and real estate, 123 MI provides French companies with its know-how, structuring financial solutions adapted to the needs of the companies it supports. Xavier Antonioz, president of 123 IM, talks about the ins and outs of this experience.

Investors’ appetite for direct investment is undeniable. Last year, more than 138 billion euros were invested in European companies alone. What is the justification for such enthusiasm?

Xaveri ANTONIOZ : There are several answers that explain investors’ infatuation with private equity, an infatuation that has been growing on the part of private equity investors in recent years.

Above all, French depositors want to give their savings more and more value. They want to know that the funds they are going to use will allow French SMEs and ETIs to grow. They want to identify themselves with the project, the entrepreneur and, if possible, with their region. The France Relance mark also enables investors to be guided in this desire to support France’s recovery and growth.

In addition, this asset class, which has historically been reserved for institutional clients, is becoming more democratic and open to private investors who can, in particular through their life insurance or PEA, increase their portfolio with instruments that offer returns that historically exceed traditional asset classes.

In 123 IM, you explain how to enable investors to provide the necessary capital to the entrepreneurs and innovations that will create the society of tomorrow. What do you mean ? What new topics are you currently focusing on?

Xaveri ANTONIOZ : Our entrepreneurial idea allows us to provide our know-how and experience to French companies in the logic of global support, beyond simple financing. To do this, we structure equity and bond financing solutions that are adapted to each situation of French companies. We finance various business projects: development, external growth, reorganization and restructuring of capital (transmission), meeting financing needs (before the sale of an asset, IPO or sale).

We have always preferred broad diversification, positioning ourselves as a multi-thematic investor with extensive experience in the fields of tourism (hotels, catering, recreation, camping), health care (RSS, pharmacies, analytical laboratories, clinics, etc.), real estate (real estate development , real estate trader, investment real estate) and renewable energy sources. In addition, we currently offer our clients the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of real estate development and real estate dealers, multi-projects and multi-developers through our FPS Finaprom 2022*. We also offer them the opportunity to finance directly in a club deal exceptional Parisian real estate assets in the central Paris area in exclusive partnership with leading operators**.

In order to best meet the needs of our clients, we invest in sectors that we have identified as promising and that are experiencing structural growth associated with changes in our society (age pyramid, changing consumer habits, housing shortage, etc.). They have the following common characteristics: tangibility, structural growth, market depth, visibility, sustainability and a good risk/return ratio.

We are currently accelerating our commitments to finance the energy transition. Our goal is to meet all the needs of participants in the energy transition, offering short- and long-term financing (from 2 to 7 years) adapted to the different stages of their projects. We are strengthening our position in this theme for the growth of this fast-growing sector with significant financial needs.

What support do you provide to your customers? What are your development projects?

Xaveri ANTONIOZ : Channeling French savings into the real economy, opening access to investment capital to as many people as possible, these are the missions we set for ourselves at 123 IM more than 20 years ago and which we continue to implement every day. Thus, we have invested more than 2.2 billion euros in more than 800 French companies (data as of 12/31/2021).

The support and recognition of our customers is based on the quality of our offer and the excellence of our services.

The CGPs we support are very popular because of the innovative, flexible and diversified investment solutions we offer through our funds and club agreements. Thus, we offer their clients a global solution that allows them to diversify their assets and invest in non-listed companies, regardless of their expectations and goals.

Our large network of well-known distributors (more than 1,200 partners: banks, insurance companies, independent consultants, etc.) and well-established at the local level is the fruit of the “field”-oriented development policy that we have carried out since our inception, always promoting a strong the presence of our regional development teams among our distribution partners. Thanks to this network, we have a complete network throughout France, which allows us to distribute our investment proposals to private investors.

As such, we stay close to our clients more than ever to provide opportunities for them to take advantage of in the sectors we prefer, as well as in any new investment theme we identify as promising* *. The year has been strong as usual in terms of investments, but not only because we are implementing numerous projects in parallel: ESG in strong development, rapid digital innovation, a mutual aid project with our aid fund and external growth operations are also on the agenda. .

*Fund for well-informed investors, Art. 423-27 of the General Regulations of the AMF. Investments in the Fund involve the risk of capital loss and illiquidity.

** Equity investments involve the risk of capital loss and illiquidity.

This is advertising communication. Before making any final investment decision, read the AIF’s prospectus.

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