Ontario residents vote for the first time

According to Elections Ontario, approximately 10.7 million voters are eligible to vote in this general election in Ontario.

Eric Inn is of French descent. Developing in finance, he lived in Toronto for seven years.

The first thing I did after receiving the certificate was to register with Elections Ontario and Elections Canadaproudly assures the new Canadian, who received a certificate of citizenship in mid-March.

Eric Inn wears glasses and smiles at the camera.

Eric Inn is an investment director who specializes in investing in social and environmental issues.

Photo: Eric In

It is difficult for a Torontonian to choose a party that specifically addresses all his concerns. It is difficult to find a program that combines everything you wanthe said. You should always measure what can generally approach or protect what you wanthe adds.

I did not see a complete strategy. There are interesting things in every program. I think there are many activities [proposées] which are made for certain groups, certain subjects. »

The quote h Eric Inn, Toronto

According to him, the campaign should last longer so that citizens are better informed.

Vintariec also regrets the lack of coherence of political platforms. Unfortunately, I do not have a great vision of the province.

Faiza Abdallaui, who has lived in Ontario for 15 years, agrees. I do not see a visionthe voter complains.

She is very excited to be able to vote, but is still skeptical about the party’s promises. I feel that there is such a gap between governments and the realities of their citizens.

It’s hard for me to be sure what they want to install […] With the Ontario election, we are still in party games […] The platform does not currently meet the requirements. Whatever the party, I want more. I want to hear them. »

The quote h Faiza Abdallaoui, Mississauga

A Mississauga resident also intends to vote as a member of the election headquarters. When we want her [ la démocratie] works, you have to learn, act, talkshe says.

Professional photo by Faiza Abdallaoui.

Faiza Abdallaoui founded Next Level Impact Consulting, a bilingual company dedicated to the economic, social and civic development of Canadians.

Photo: courtesy of Faiza Abdallaoui

Andy Lamontan has just turned 18. He is glad to be able to vote. This is a big moment in my lifehe said. I am a Canadian citizenhe adds.

The young man admits that he is a little tense from the idea of ​​voting. He says he still has a lot to learn before making a decision and choosing a side. I’m learning on the gohe said.

For a better future for the next generation […] It is our turn to make decisions. »

The quote h Mark Andy Lamontan

Ontario Election Tools

In addition to using its website, Elections Ontario offers voters a new smartphone app that allows them to register on the voter list.

New voters can also add themselves to the Ontario Future Voters Register to get their voter card.

Elections Ontario also disseminates information to schools and universities to encourage young people to participate in elections.

There are also programs [de simulation électorale] what we do with public associationsexplains Elena Armenakis, media relations coordinator.