Novateh 8 reasons to invest in high quality doors

Not all front doors are the same. Groupe Novatech, a leader in door and glazing in Quebec, has developed high-performance doors that are far more energy efficient than conventional steel doors. This latest innovation from Quebec won the Architectural MasterPrize 2019 in 2019, and won the favor of consumers who are concerned about choosing energy-efficient materials for their homes. Discover high-quality doors.

Published at 8:30 a.m.

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1. Quality

The choice of a new front door for an existing structure or a new structure is often guided by its appearance and the building where it will be installed. While it is true that doors can update the facade of a well-built home, quality doors also bring other significant benefits. Steel doors are classified according to their performance index; at the top of this scale is the high-performance Novatech system.

2. Energy efficiency

The main advantage of high-efficiency doors is their energy efficiency. Because front doors are part of the building’s shell, they play an important role as a thermal barrier. Thanks to the built-in air seal and foam insulation 1.25 cm (0.5 inch) more than standard doors, Novatech NHP doors provide 30% more thermal insulation than traditional steel doors. Specifically, this highly effective product reduces air penetration and transmits four times less than conventional doors. Hello, energy saving and increased comfort!

3. Sound insulation

A neighbor passing by the mower, traffic on a busy artery, entrances and exits in the common areas of your condominium: you do not want external noise to disturb your peace or interfere with daily life. Endowed with incomparable sound insulation due to its insulating properties and its thickness, high-quality doors act as a barrier to minimize noise from the environment.

4. Security

In terms of security, high-quality doors mean peace of mind for you and your family. Stronger thanks to its unique steel floor and sophisticated design, it has twice the structural integrity of a standard door. It is also half an inch thick and made of 30% more steel, so it is safer and harder to break or damage than traditional doors.

5. Life expectancy

High-performance doors developed by Novatech are more durable than conventional entrance doors. Its sill and broom made of PVC are covered with anodized aluminum, which makes it more durable and elegant. In addition, the edges of the door are covered with rigid PVC, which protects the wooden structure from the weather, makes it more stable and significantly extends its service life.

6. Sealing

High-performance doors have shown good results in water penetration tests, as they have been twice as efficient as standard doors. It withstood a pressure of 540 Pa, which is equivalent to a storm with a wind speed of over 110 km / h!

7. Harmonious design

The front door is the first element that visitors encounter. To harmonize it with your decor, Novatech thought to offer six popular models among consumers. Homeowners who want to match it to a modern facade will turn to fashionable models Soho, Vog or Uno. Those who want doors with more traditional lines can choose between Victoria Shaker, Orléans or London.

8. Triple glazing

Do you dream of letting in as much light as possible in your house? Combine the Novatech door glass with your new door to create a standout entrance. Choose triple glazing to ensure that this extra hole will provide you with the energy efficiency you need. After all, you can even change the style by replacing just your window with something more fashionable… in 2042!