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“New” Macron, really new?

Should we admit it? After the noise and fury of the presidential campaign, despite the matrimonial talks of Jean-Luc Melanchon, who skillfully occupies the media, we feel like passengers of a ghost train, locked in a waiting room for decisions that do not come. We have settled into the political landscape in a gassed, sleepy state, still stunned by the almost illusory sequence of elections, due to the lack of real debate between two credible government projects. Hence the feeling of environmental lethargy.

Thus, France depends on the choice of the president, who plays a beauty in a sleeping forest, practically did not campaign, of course, without knowing it of his own free will, monopolized by the Ukrainian conflict. And it maintains tension. It teases in the form of admiration thanks to the winner. True, the choice of prime minister is crucial, but frankly, can we imagine that Emmanuel Macron, thanks to this historic success, is the first tenant of Elysia, re-elected, without going through the lodge, to suddenly change the program provision and end once and for all unbridled Caesarism, the secret of which he has? That is, will he risk appointing a purely political tenant, Mathignon, the real leader of the majority, as our institutions suggest? Any political counterweight that could pull him out of the Jupiter trap he’s so obsessed with?

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Will Renaissance candidates go blind?

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His art of prolonging the pleasure of the white smoke that does not go, of spreading the most bizarre rumors about the successors (seuses) of Jean Castex, whom he would almost leave in his position as a man, effective and serious, not to cast the slightest shadow on him, is a sign that he is not going to risk becoming the “new” president he intends to run. New? How to translate this expression of confusing banality? The “new” president would be the head of state who invented a system in which he would appoint a prime minister who would be more than just an employee. A “new” president would address the issue of social injustice directly. A “new” president would breathe new life into parliament. The “new” president would explain to the French before the parliamentary elections the content of his program for the next five years. Interestingly, the candidates of the Renaissance are thrown into the bath without wade-mekum, without a campaign manual. In 2017, LREM candidates were 2.0 applicants.

Will the newcomers go blindly, hastily, with a single viaticum – representatives of the “mind” against the “populists” of all stripes? Or will they soon have a useful roadmap to present to voters? It is crucial that this third round is not a mere formality for Emmanuel Macron, but a moment of great democratic debate, as the fire is smoldering in the ashes. At the moment, the man seems to be playing covert presidents, as if he is still in the improvisation phase, almost doubting, hesitating between several options. Does the “new” president be affected by the “new” cowardice? Or, as some of his entourage claim, to maneuver with another skill, proof of his political genius? Beware of overconfidence …