McDonald’s Canada continues to invest in tangible change for the planet

“We realize that we have an important opportunity to contribute to a better future; and the actions we take today are investments in our future,” explains Michel Boudrías, president and chief executive officer of McDonald’s du Canada. Because we’re present and active in nearly every Canadian community, where we serve more than one million customers a day, every change, big or small, can have a big impact. »

McDonald’s from Canada continues to make big changes behind the scenes and in restaurants across the country to make sure Canadians feel good while enjoying the foods they love.

Here are some McDonald’s actions Canada taken so far:

  • In 2019, McDonald’s du Canada eliminated over 1,300 tons of paper from its system with the launch of new McWrap® packaging and 20% smaller recycled paper towels.
  • That same year, the brand also stopped using extruded polystyrene foam for its sauce pans and dinner plates, eliminating more than 120 tons of the material from the Canadian system..
  • At the end of 2021, McDonald’s du Canada has removed certain single-use plastic items* from its restaurants across the country, including tableware**, coffee stirrers and straws, eliminating approximately 700 tonnes of plastic from the Canadian system annually, of which approximately 370 tonnes are plastic straws** *.
  • After replacing plastic straws with paper ones, the brand gave a second life to some of the remaining single-use plastic straws. Thanks to our partnership with The Rogerie, these straws have been turned into limited edition trays^, which served as a canvas for works of art. To learn more about the initiative The last strawClick here.
  • In May 2022, we completed a project to reduce the amount of paper fibers in McCafé hot drink glasses. This reduction will eliminate nearly 700 tonnes of paper fiber from the Canadian system per year††.
  • In mid-July 2022, McDonald’s du Canada has reinstated its reusable travel mug policy. The company’s clients Canada are invited to bring a clean reusable travel mug to serve them McCafé premium coffee and hot tea at the counter.
  • In May 2022, McDonald’s du Canadain cooperation with other brands, joined the pilot project named after “Return to reuse and recycle” operated by Encorp Pacific, better known as Return-It. This pilot project has a two-fold goal: to reduce the number of single-use glasses that end up in landfills by giving customers a convenient place to recycle them, and to launch a program where customers sign up for reusable glasses that will be washed and returned to retailers. McDonald’s from Canada is actively involved in this phase of the pilot project and is excited to explore the reusable cup component of its partnership with Return-It in the future. Single-use glasses and reusable glasses will be collected through specialized collection bins made from recycled plastic and offered in public commercial spaces and on the street.

McDonald’s from Canada will continue to make choices and take steps to invest in the future, including:

  • Work towards our global goal to significantly reduce the use of natural, fossil fuel-based plastics in Happy Meal toysMD by 2025, offer toys made from more renewable, recycled or certified materials.
  • In cooperation with its distribution partner, Martin BrowerMcDonald’s Canada in April 2022 added its first-ever electric vehicle, the Volvo VNR Class 8 emission-free highway tractor, to its distribution fleet. This vehicle is being tested for delivery to restaurants in the Montreal area.

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* Products used to package customers’ food at McDonald’s restaurants, including containers, cups, wrappers, bags, drink holders, paper napkins and Happy Meal boxes.

** Excludes McFlurry spoons.

*** Average based on 2018-2020 data.

^ The recycled trays resemble the trays patrons use at McDonald’s restaurants, but are only decorative.

According to 2019 data.

†† Average based on 2019-2021 data.

SOURCE McDonald’s Canada

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