Maud Cayo has the green light to launch the Green-Got community

Maud Cayo had just left her business school when this young 27-year-old Franco-Iranian woman with strong environmental convictions came up with the idea of ​​creating a green neobank. And this Monday, June 13, after three years of development, Green-Got opens its doors.

The project has already made a lot of noise, which is why Maud Cayo was named Forbes on the “30 to 30” list in 2021. Its goal is to put finance at the service of the ecological transition, redirecting investment no longer to fossil fuels. – as most traditional banks still do – but for projects such as agroforestry and coral conservation.

Ecological slap

One number changed everything. “When I learned that there was a difference of only 6 ° C between the current ice age and the last ice age, I took this into perspective with the predicted scientists of +2, +3 and even +4 degrees, and realized this without concrete action. , everything was going to change. A real ecological slap, ”she recalls.

His fear: to witness irreversible upheavals around the world throughout his life. And, in particular, to see how her native Burgundy, which she likes to see during long walks in nature and which she paints in watercolor in her spare time, becomes less green and depopulated by its fauna.

Until the end of the case

To act, Maud Cayo first informed herself. “Maud has always been interested in everything,” recalls her friend Alice Mevel. Already during the preparation, she felt this spirit of protest, which always forced her to question everything and go to the end to form an opinion. »

In her discoveries on the subject, she understands that “the veins of war were money, and money was banks,” she said.

Graduated in 2019, joined forces with Andrea Hanovelli and Fabien Yuet create a Green-Got with a more than clear slogan: “change the banks to change the world.”


However, at first Maud Cayo did not necessarily want to start her own business, especially in the world of finance. “Very fashionable”, as she willingly admits, she first turned to design while studying at the Grenoble School of Management. And it was in luxury that she underwent her first internship. “It simply came to our notice then. With its “Devil Wears Prada” atmosphere, this universe didn’t fit what I wanted, “she says.

Driven by strong female models such as her mother, a doctor and a grandmother who runs a real estate business in the United States, and her mantra of “risk nothing, gain nothing”, she chose finance instead. “The world, about which I knew almost nothing, is very masculine and which often made me suffer several setbacks. But that’s where it was necessary to act first. »

How much is IssueMyMoney. information

Too young, too feminine, too ecological… Maud Cayo still survived. “First, because I knew the reason was on my side,” she explains. And then because his strong character finally opened the door for him. Like this time, when she went to a meeting of leaders of SMEs and large companies just to talk about the environment. “I didn’t have to sell anything, just my speech,” she said. Finally, it took: several leaders called me to hold conferences in their homes. »

Since then, Maud Cayo has been trying to raise public awareness of his business. She wrote for FinanceMag to raise awareness of the links between finance and climate change, and created the CommentEmetMonArgent website. information. Through Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram and Tik Tok, she talks about green finance and has gathered a community of 130,000 people, “without spending a single euro on advertising,” she said. Prior to Monday’s opening, Green-Got already had 3,000 test customers and 25,000 pre-registered on the waiting list.