Makila AI accelerates its growth thanks to artificial intelligence in healthcare

MONTREAL, June 21, 2022 / CNW Telbec / – Makila AI delighted with the success of its advanced technology based on artificial intelligence (AI). More than 130 companies have joined him since the recent launch of his healthcare solution. Through collaborative research projects with academic and research centers such as the Montreal Center for Computer Research (CRIM), Makila AI has developed a state-of-the-art solution for data processing, modeling and predictive analysis in the field of human resources. and finance.

Makila AI supports and supports companies that want to increase their digital productivity and improve their strategic data. Thanks to the collaborative network we have established with research centers recognized for their excellence, our ability to innovate allows us to develop high-performance solutions that take advantage of the many opportunities created by the latest research in artificial intelligence. “, highlighted Leila NasrCEO of Makila AI

The development of this solution, adapted to the field of health care, was made possible by financial support from Hint and the Quebec Ministry of Economics and Innovation (MEI) and the valuable contribution of CRIM and its Center for Excellence in Artificial Intelligence.

“The strength of CRIM is its ability to take into account all aspects of the project during its implementation. Our applied research focuses on data science, software architecture and integration, data security, ethics and best practices in artificial intelligence. Combining our research forces with the analytical knowledge of Makila AI, we have managed to develop a solution that will accelerate the competitiveness of financial teams, “he said. Francois LabonteChairman and CEO of CRIM.

A solution adapted to the field of health care

The Makila AI solution manages the life cycle of human and financial data in companies, increasing, thanks to artificial intelligence, the accuracy of analysis with data extracted from business documents. The solution also includes a function that specializes in processing financial data and business documents specific to the health sector.

“Care Pharmacies is Canada’s largest independent pharmacy group, run by pharmacists and employing more than 700 people in 70 locations. The group intends to increase its presence through strategic acquisitions and measures to promote organic growth. Care’s priority is to optimize customer service by providing exceptional products and services across all communities. Acquiring, training and supporting the growth of staff in the organization is the key to the success of Care and attracting its staff. The Makila AI solution has allowed us to move up and, above all, to make significant technological changes to ensure strategic planning based on reliable data, “he said. Ali Abid, Financial director of pharmacies.

The Makila AI solution enables the use of data in such a way as to ensure the effective reconciliation of bank statements, the rapid creation of accounting records and the consolidation of financial statements dedicated to the healthcare sector. Thanks to the power of integrated analysis of strategic financial data, the CFO and his teams can fully perform their functions in monitoring, evaluating and improving the performance of their organization.

“Thanks to the Makila AI solution, a large network of pharmacy franchisees in Quebec can now develop their own financial analysis and budgets, but they can be taken into account immediately on a consolidated basis. It is important for us to offer our pharmacy managers the best technological tools that allow them to manage their institution independently, contributing to the proper management of this network, ”he explains. Yves Labransch, CPA Auditor, LTDL Partner.

About Makila AI

With offices in Montreal and Paris, Makila AI designs and develops solutions for modeling and predictive data analysis that integrates all levers of artificial intelligence. Enterprises use the services of Makila AI to help them manage and plan their strategic decisions in terms of management, finance and human resource management. Since its inception, Makila AI has developed a client base, which consists mainly of government and medical organizations, companies in the banking, insurance, retail, IT and telecommunications sectors. Solutions supported by the reliable AI power developed by Makila AI take into account the requirements of diversity and inclusion.


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