LIVE. Legislative: Reconquest! will invest 550 candidates

  • This Tuesday, May 3, the anniversary of the victory of the Popular Front in 1936, negotiations are underway between the left parties for parliamentary elections in June next year. The day after the agreement between La France insoumise and Europe Écologie-Les Verts, a Communist official announced that the agreement should be “finalized” on Tuesday at noon before being submitted for approval at 15:00 National Council of Communists after consultation with departmental councils .
  • The participants in the negotiations of the Socialist Party share the same optimism. Pierre Jouvet, at the center of discussions on the PS side, said on Tuesday morning “a few steps from the historic agreement” that could lead to the addition of his party to the New People’s Socio-Environmental Union. Initially, it was hoped that an agreement would be reached on Monday evening or evening, but “there are still some adjustments,” Pierre Juvet told Europe 1.
  • Crossed by the movements of the leaders of its various chapels, most are trying to put the parliamentary elections in order by working to nominate their candidates, the first list of which is expected in the middle of the week. Francois Bayrou, president of MoDem, on Tuesday called for “building together in words and deeds” victory in the June parliamentary elections and avoiding any “clan war”.

19:50 – Edouard Philippe would make a donation to EELV

According to information from Obs, the former prime minister would donate less than 5% (4.63% of the vote) to the environmentalist party, which was indebted after a low score by Yannick Jado in the presidential election, and is therefore synonymous with non-reimbursement of campaign expenses. According to our colleagues, Edouard Philippe would offer EELV 500 euros.

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19:35 “Let’s make history by winning,” Russell said after the deal with the LFI

National Secretary of the Communist Party Fabien Russell welcomed the agreement reached with Insoumis on the parliamentary elections. “Let’s write history together by winning this parliamentary election,” he wrote on Twitter.

18:45 РFinal adjustments for Les R̩publicains

Republicans on Tuesday clarified their candidacies for the parliamentary election, which promises to be dangerous after the catastrophe of the presidential election, while the tone is getting tougher in the face of the risk of running in Macron’s favor. The party, which will hold a national council on Saturday at 2pm to officially launch its campaign, convened its latest National Investment Commission (CNI) on Tuesday afternoon to decide on constituencies that are still missing, including Yvelines. (Valerie Peckress County). and the Alpes-Maritimes (the citadel of the very right-handed Eric Chotti). “We have invested all our candidates, we may have the opportunity to meet again if some choose other political families and leave us on this path,” – said MP Michel Tabaro at the end of the meeting. But “there are very few elected officials and parliamentarians who intend to join Emmanuel Macron,” she said.

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18:30 – Reconquest! will invest 550 candidates

As the party noted in a press release noted by LCI, Reconquest! will invest 550 candidates in the parliamentary elections. The press release states that Reconquest! received 1,426 applications to become an MP, and that its representatives came from Republicans (176), the National Rally (159), civil society or the first political commitment (215). They will meet on Saturday in Paris for a training seminar on Eric Zemmour.

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17:54 – The PCF National Council confirms the agreement with the LFI

The Legislative Election Agreement between the Communist Party (PCF) and La France insoumise, approved yesterday between the two political groups, was approved by the decision-making body, the PCF. According to a press release issued at the end of the day on Tuesday, 120 members of this council spoke in favor of the Nupes agreement (for the New People’s Ecological and Social Union). Only 25 people voted against the election alliance.

According to the elect Andre Chasenia, the agreement signed with Insoumis provides 50 PCF constituencies, including eleven Communist deputies. The other five are “victorious” territories: Vierzon, Dax, Denain, Creil and Lens-Avion.

17:20 – Bernard Kaznev threatens to leave the aircraft in case of an agreement with the LFI

Former Socialist Prime Minister Bernard Kaznev announced on Tuesday afternoon that he would leave the PS if the latter reached an agreement on elections with La France insoumise. In addition, Bernard Kaznev in his Facebook account assessed that the leaders of the PS “lost the compass” of “republican socialism”. The former interior minister scoffs at “the current leaders of the Socialist Party, who participated in negotiations with the LFI without consulting members,” “while Jean-Luc Melanchon’s party has fought relentlessly against the Socialist Party.”

17:00 – Candidate for deputy Manuel Valls under the color of the majority

According to the RMC, the former tenant of the Matignon Hotel is in the process of investing as a candidate in the 5th French Constituency, founded outside of France. This includes Spain, Portugal and Monaco. In 2018, he announced his resignation from political life before running in the 2019 municipal elections in Barcelona. The return to Spain ended in failure. Most recently, the former prime minister was spotted in the front row of the victory party of candidate Emmanuel Macron on April 24.

16:30 – Insoumis cause “blocking points” with PS in negotiations

An agreement between La France insoumise and the PCF on legislative elections is being reached, but the LFI on Tuesday acknowledged “blocking points” with the PS, which said this morning that it was “a few steps away from the historic agreement” on accession. environmentalists and communists in the alliance. “Our exchange is cordial,” but there are still problems with the substance of the matter, but mostly with the counties, “LFI spokesman Manuel Bompard told his party’s negotiating headquarters. , before lunch break. . “They are too greedy” compared to 1.74% of the votes received by the PS candidate Ann Hidalgo in the presidential election, added LFI MP Eric Cockerel, recalling that the agreement was to be “concluded today.”

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Heavyweight Macroni understands that the “PS is in the process of creating a list of constituencies from 50 to 80”, and he “is not sure that they will be able to create a group at the end” in the National Assembly – which requires at least 15 deputies. According to him, “LFI asks them to agree to support LFI or PCF candidates against the weekend PS, for example, in the 2nd district of Sarthe.” At first it was hoped that an agreement would be reached on Monday evening or evening. “We are a few steps away from the historic agreement, but there are still some adjustments,” Pierre Jouvet, chairman of the Socialist Negotiators, told Europe 1 on Tuesday morning, assuring that the PS would “respect”. Sweeping away potential disputes over Europe and secularism, he was pleased to be able to show that “the left is not as irreconcilable as it is.”