LIVE – BFM Patrimoine Summit: “Inflation will peak by the end of the year”

Workshop: the hidden benefits of compliance

>> find here our seminar: the hidden benefits of employer selection.

Workshop from:

  • Jean-François Filiatre (Victorious Markets)
  • Bruno Lorenzo, Regional Sales Director, Eres

Seminar: Issuance of beneficiary regulations in an international context

>> Find our workshop here: Issuing Beneficiary Regulations in an International Context.

Workshop from:

  • Marie Daskalakis, responsible for business development in the French market in Wealins
  • Lawrence David-Delaine, freelance journalist (Echoes, Insurance tribune)
  • Julien Milinkevich, wealth planner in France in Wealins

“We must demystify, demonize and humiliate the world of finance”

“We need to demystify, demonize and reduce the world of finance for savers,” said Berenger Blaschik, Franklin Templeton’s director of distribution for France / Benelux / Nordic countries.

“Inflation will peak by the end of the year”

For Thierry Dupont, founding partner of BDL Capital Management, “inflation will not reach its peak by the end of the year” and “the horizon of rates is not clear at all.”

Focus on the 23rd edition of the Wealth Management Awards

Jerome Barre, a lawyer specializing in property taxation at Yards and chairman of the Wealth Trophy Jury, talks about the 23rd edition of the awards. Wealth Management Trophies will be presented at the end of the year.

Wealth Management Advisor (CGP), Heritage General Practitioner

Philip Pargi, Managing Director of Nortia, and Thomas Gayo, Chairman of the Board of Suravenir, talk about the profession of CGP, a guide to effective asset management.

After the fall of the markets, is it worth betting on the rebound of the stock market?

After the fall of the markets, is it worth betting on the rebound of the stock market? “We must not invest in investments that are too heavy, too violent. But now is not the time to sell, ”said Wilfried Galand, director and strategist at Montpensier Finance.

Can raising rates end well?

Mark Riesz, CEO of VEGA IM, and Wilfried Galand, Director and Strategist of Montpensier Finance, discussed the ECB’s meeting to immediately examine the anti-fragmentation instrument, which monitors recent tensions in bond markets and the Fed’s unprecedented decision to choose an increase of 75 basis points, the largest increase since 1994.

Luxembourg Life Insurance: “It is primarily a legal and investment platform”

Luxembourg life insurance “is primarily a legal and investment platform that will allow you to invest in several asset classes,” explains Mathieu Duballe, President of LIA Patrimoine.

How to prepare for retirement

“The wage system is suffering. We have an imbalance between payers and retirees. ” Alexander Butin, Director of Wealth Development at Primonial Ingénierie & Développement, discussed issues and decisions that need to be addressed in order to properly prepare for retirement, as well as the concept of paid retirement.

“The number of objects in orbit will be multiplied by 100 over the next 10 years”

Charles Begbeder, President of Audacia, focuses in particular on the development of entrepreneurship in the aerospace industry, a sector that is in full swing. “The number of objects in orbit will be multiplied by 100 over the next 10 years. So these are no longer objects worth $ 1 billion each, they are microsatellites. So we need micro-launchers, and then you need companies to keep they are in orbit, ”he explains.

Plenary session: New global economic architecture: what is the horizon for investors?

Monetary policy is entering a new era – rising and rising interest rates in inflation. In this context, what is the potential in the stock market and in different asset classes? Will the liquidity shortage expose the weaknesses of many risky investments?

Plenary session (can be found here) with the participation of:

  • Valentin Ainuz, Deputy Head of Advanced Market Research and Strategy at Amundi
  • Geraldine Metife, Managing Partner of Alter Egale
  • Guillaume Sommerer, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of BFM Business
  • Philipp Wechter, Chief Economist, Ostrum Asset Management

“We need a strong Minister of Housing”

For Henry Busey-Caso, President of Imsi, we need “a strong Minister for Housing, (…) who can influence the President of the Republic, who is not immediately convinced of the usefulness of housing in this country.”

Advantages of investing in real estate in open ownership

Invited to the BFM Patrimoine summit, Tristan Barres, CEO of Perl, discussed the main benefits of investing in open property. “The main advantage – a discount” on the price at the time of purchase “about 30-40%”. The second advantage: freedom for the saver, who can “get on the road”.

BFM Heritage Summit: program

For its fourth edition, the BFM Patrimoine Summit, to be held this Thursday, 21 June at the Carrousel du Louvre, focuses on monetary policy, dismemberment or even cryptocurrencies.

>> Find the whole program here.