Legislator of North America: Emmanuel Itier, Candidate Resiston!

He was unable to run in the presidential election due to a lack of sponsorship, so it will be a parliamentary election. Emmanuel Itier, a 55-year-old Frenchman of Bordeaux descent, has been nominated by Jean Lassalle’s Résistons !.

A journalist, documentary filmmaker and purchasing advisor at various film distribution companies in France (Metropolitan, SND, Le Pacte, France Télévisions), the father of three children now living in Santa Barbara, he is well acquainted with the United States. He lived there for 34 years, but never wanted to accept American citizenship because he told himself. ” the first Frenchman and citizen of the world. »

candidate ” from round tables and dialogues »

Involved in various humanitarian associations, such as the French Association of the United Nations, the Lions Club and the Rotary Club, as well as an active defender of world peace, Emmanuel Ittier met Jean Lassalle, the Resiston candidate, a few months ago! and freely receives his investiture. ” Like him, I want to embody a different image of politics. Coming from civil society, I will be the one who will remain at anchor in reality, and the real daily worries of the French, the one who lives in concrete and works in the fieldhe assures. I want to be a counter-shock against the presidential majority and against the totalitarian temperament of the government. I want to stand up and say “no!”, To revive the motto “Freedom, equality, brotherhood”, to bring the French of North America closer to the French. »

Recognizing the difficult election in which he will play “David vs. Goliath”, Emmanuel Itier estimates the record of MP Roland Lescourt, who is leaving office. more than mediocre and does not break words to criticize him. ” An MP from a distant Center and a royalist with a non-existent balancehe claims MP from the financial world who prefers to stay in Paris and hopes for a position in the ministry, a virtual MP signed at the Zoom session and terribly absent from the daily lives of French people living abroad, a MP who transmits state propaganda and shares with Emmanuel Macron is the increase in poverty by 29%, debt of 600 billion euros, trade deficit of 85 billion euros, horrible and false unemployment, continuous growth of extremes. » Emmanuel Itier undertakes: “I will be the most moderate, the most authentic, the most populous and the most humanistic candidate. I will be a person of round tables, able to gather and have a dialogue, and who will keep as an ideal the desire to change the world. »

The campaign budget is $ 10,000

In addition to strengthening national and international trade union ties and improving liaison with embassies and consulates established in the United States and Canada, increasing aid and budgets for the Social Security and Supplementary Pensions Fund, revising scholarship criteria and developing French distance learning for those , who lives far from a French institution, Emmanuel Itier wants, through his program, to create a Solidarity Fund to help French people living abroad who are facing great difficulties. ” An unprecedented event, when large French companies based in the United States are asked to develop this new structure. »

During the conquest of power, the French will be able to rely on their deputy Natasha Katich, the former head of his campaign, when he tried to run for president and employee of American Airlines. Located in Paris, he could pass on to France the actions taken by the candidate if he wins. In the event of defeat, Emmanuel Itier wants to continue the political struggle in his own way, “ to embody a different ideal, a different vision, by continuing to meet women and men around the world, as I have done for 30 years. Let us remember the French Revolution, when the people won against the government, everything is possible with faith! “.

Awaiting voting in the first round, candidate Resistons! in the coming days will pass part of the constituency. ” My $ 10,000 budget requires me to limit my travel. ” – he explains. After Miami, where he held his first campaign meeting on April 30, Emmanuel Itier plans to travel to San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York and Montreal to try what he said. ” to convince voters of the slogan, dear to the former Anglican Archbishop and human rights activist Desmond Tutu: “I am because we are ». »