Legislative Act 2022. “NUPES preferred to invest in a deputy running for office elected under the colors of Macron”, candidate Sanaa Saituli on Serge

Sani Saituli turned 40 last February. She ticked off to please any political party: having three children who have been involved in associations for more than 20 years, from the Croix-Petite district of Sergi Pontoise (95), this former local elected official saw that she had already invested in New People’s Ecological and Social Union (NUPES) for the 10th arrondissement of Val d’Oise. But NUPES preferred to invest in Aurelien Tasche, an MP who is running for ного elected under the colors of En Marche in 2017. Aurelien Tasche then faced a rebellious candidate from France…

The case of Sana Saituli is not an isolated one. It is added to others. From Dre to Roubaix, through Montpellier, Cray or Bobigny, more and more activists from working-class areas are frustrated with the choices made by NUPES. Meet.

Legislative Montpellier. “We are still turkeys of farce” – Gemel Ben Said, disappointed that he does not invest in rebellious France

Politics is difficult …

Really. I’m not fooled, I know it’s an environment where people don’t give each other presents, but even if I’m far from naive, I still believed in it a bit … Last February, long before the first round of the presidential election I have already talked to some local leaders of France, Insumiz. We discussed my possible candidacy in the parliamentary elections. We moved slowly but surely. For a moment, there was even a connection with LFI officials at the national level, who were not against this idea, on the contrary, as they advised me to organize with the local LFI.

Then you will learn that the elected deputy who is running for office, Aurelien Tasche …

Exactly. There were already rumors before the official announcement that Aurelien Tasche would represent NUPES. I hoped that the People’s Union would not make the same mistake as other left-wing parties, but it is clear that, again, “we” are residents of working-class neighborhoods that have been working locally for many years. , one remained on the floor again. They preferred Aurelien Tasha, a Macron-elected MP who voted for the most part in all Macron government laws. It is incredibly!

However, Aurelien Tasche has been criticizing the policy of the Macron government for some time …

He was still waiting until 2020 before leaving the Republic in motion! In fact, he mostly felt the turn. LREM representatives approached me at that time, but refused to communicate with them. This is not my political line.

Aurelien Tasche is a political professional. He first joined the Socialist Party and then joined Emmanuel Macron’s party. In 2017 he was elected LREM MP against the candidate from France Insoumise! And it took 2021 for the inhabitants of Sergi Pontoise to finally see it! Gather to prepare for his “re-election”. It has been 20 years since I campaigned in my city every day.

How do you explain that you were fired when you seem to have ticked it?

I don’t want to be a victim of myself, I hate it, but I’m curious. I have the impression that among politicians, in order to “succeed”, you need to have a face of work, codes. It’s a pity, but it doesn’t matter: we will do as usual, that is, without them. I have decided to keep my candidacy and we will do everything to win. I am not the only one who is fed up with the fact that the same people are always excluded.

How are you going to finance your election campaign if you are running outside the party?

As we did for the city and departmental, calling for donations. This is exactly what happened on February 2, on my 40th birthday, when I announced my candidacy in the parliamentary elections. We raised more than 20,000 euros in 20 days. Proof that the people of Sergi Pontoise trust me. The more reasons not to give up.

Legislative: notification of elected officials in working-class neighborhoods