League 2. Rai, a former PSG star, will invest in Paris

The former Brazilian player Rai, the legend of Pari SG in the 1990s, will become a minority shareholder of Pari FC, we learned on Tuesday from the president of the League 2 club Pierre Ferracci.

The dimension of Paradise goes far beyond footballsaid the man, confirming the information of the newspaper L’Équipe.

We have increased our capital by 8 million euros, this is the fourth time since I have headed this club, and most of the minority shareholders have followed it. I hold the majoritysaid the man who has run the Ile-de-France club since 2012.

Sport Bridges Venture (SBV), which houses Paradise, will provide more than € 3 million in this capital increase. There will be a larger envelope for the set, as well as for the infrastructure and the D1 women’s team, which will play in the Champions League.said President Ferracci.

Rai, the 1994 world champion in Brazil and now based in France, was the captain of the French champions PSG in 1994 and the winner of the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1996. Possessing dual Brazilian and French citizenship, he resigned in February 2021 from his position as sports director of FC Sao Paulo after the dismissal of the coach.

Avoid any misunderstandings

The former captain of “Celesao”, whose name is closely associated with PSG, on Tuesday confirmed his entry into the capital of “Paris”, but wanted to. send a message to fans Paris SG.

Without them, I would not be who I am, and today I would not be able to accept a new challenge in our capital. I want this story to continue between us […]he wrote on Instagram to avoid any misunderstandings with PSG fans.

One of the Franco-American investors in SBV is Pascal Rigo, a baker who made his fortune in the United States: We invest in the club to help him. We want families to want to go there. We want to get the best experience when we spend two hours in the stadiumhe explained to AFP.

We are long-term investors, we have no obligation to return the investment, to leave in five or seven years. This is a more traditional way of long-term investing, not an opportunity to invest.added Mr. Rigo.

Paris played in the playoffs again before joining Ligue 1 in May, but their hopes of rising were dashed against Sochaux, who won 2-1 at Charletti Stadium.

We have been playing in the playoffs for three out of four years, I really want to finally take that step. It took Auxerre ten years to recover, and next year there will be only two clubs raising the levelstressed Mr. Ferracci, convinced that “in Paris, as in all major cities in Europe, there is room for a second club in Ligue 1.”

The PFC women’s team took third place in the last D1 championship, which gives them a ticket to the first qualifying round of the Women’s Champions League 2022-2023. On August 18, they will meet with the Swiss club Servette FC Chênois.

League 2. Rai, a former PSG star, will invest in Paris